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Sustainability Reporting

Putting sustainability front and centre

Sustainability Reporting 2022

On Thursday 2 March we published our ‘2022 Combined Annual and ESG Report’ which contains full details on our Sustainability and ESG reporting, performance and highlights for the year.

BAT Combined Annual and ESG Report 2022 (8.7 mb)

Our ESG Performance Data Book provides a consolidated overview of BAT's non-financial performance, all relevant reporting indexes and frameworks, as well as outline the approach and scope used for data collection and assurance.

See below to download as a PDF or XLS

ESG Performance Data Book 2022 (1.2 mb)
ESG Performance Data 2022 (0.1 mb)

The following documents provide key definitions and terms of how our Sustainability and ESG performance for the year has been prepared, reported and assured.

BAT 2022 Reporting Criteria (0.3 mb)
BAT Scope 3 - Simplified Reporting Methodology (0.1 mb)

Our previous years Sustainability reporting can be found below.

Previous sustainability reporting

Report title Summary reports - PDF
ESG Report 2021 ESG Report 2021 (9.2 mb)
Combined Performance and ESG Summary 2021 Combined Performance and ESG Summary 2021 (4.6 mb)
ESG Preformance Data 2021 ESG Performance Data 2021 (0.2 mb)
ESG reporting criteria ESG reporting criteria (0.2 mb)
ESG Report 2020 ESG Report 2020 (14.1 mb)
ESG Summary Report 2020 ESG Summary Report 2020 (1.4 mb)
ESG Preformance Data 2020 ESG Performance Data 2020 (66 kb)
ESG Report 2019 ESG Report 2019 (3.7 mb)
Sustainability Report 2019 BAT Sustainability Strategy Report 2019 (3.35 mb)
Sustainability Report 2018 Sustainability Report 2018 (5.5 mb)
Sustainability Report 2017 Sustainability Report 2017 (7.1 mb)
Sustainability Report 2016 Sustainability Report 2016 (4.9 mb) 
Sustainability Report 2015 Sustainability Summary 2015 (13.9 mb) 
Sustainability Report 2014 Sustainability Summary 2014 (2.8 mb) 
Sustainability Report 2013 Sustainability Summary 2013 (2.3 mb) 
Sustainability Report 2012 Sustainability Summary 2012 (2.5 mb) 
Sustainability Report 2011 Sustainability Summary 2011 (2.17 mb) 
Sustainability Report 2010 Sustainability Summary 2010 (3.82 mb) 
Sustainability Report 2009 Sustainability Report 2009 (1.60 mb) 

Previous sustainability performance centre

Prior to publishing our detailed ESG report in 2019, our online performance centre featured historical data including progress against our goals, performance charts, independent assurance statement and our response to assurance.

Our historical performance centre