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Mutual BenefitResponsible Product StewardshipGood Corporate Conduct

The principle of Mutual Benefit is the basis on which we build our relationships with our stakeholders. We are primarily in business to build long term shareholder value and we believe the best way to do this is to seek to understand and take account of the needs of all our stakeholders.

Core Beliefs
MB1 We believe in creating long term shareholder value
MB2 We believe in engaging constructively with our stakeholders
MB3 We believe in creating inspiring working environments for our people
MB4 We believe in adding value to the communities in which we operate
MB5 We believe that suppliers and other business partners should have the opportunity to benefit from their relationship with us

Our companies have a significant presence in many communities where they operate. We recognise that, as corporate citizens in these communities, our companies have a role in investing in local economic, social and cultural development and that both we and our host communities can benefit from this.

We can take the lead by being a good corporate citizen wherever we operate.

We will:

  • Strive to be a leading local employer and to contribute to local economic development;
  • Engage with the communities where we operate to understand our impact and take it into account in the way we run our business;
  • When closing an operation, be sensitive to the impact on the local community.

We should work together with the communities where we operate to strive for social and economic development.

For our part, we will:

  • Work with other businesses, agencies and organisations to develop, implement or contribute to social, educational, environmental or cultural programmes focused on communities’ needs and aspirations;
  • Encourage our employees to play an active role in both their local and business communities.

We see it as the role of governments and regulatory authorities to create environments where business can thrive and can thus contribute to local economic, social and environmental development.

We will assist by:

  • Explaining clearly and objectively to governments and regulatory authorities the conditions within which business can thrive.