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Mutual BenefitResponsible Product StewardshipGood Corporate Conduct

The principle of Mutual Benefit is the basis on which we build our relationships with our stakeholders. We are primarily in business to build long term shareholder value and we believe the best way to do this is to seek to understand and take account of the needs of all our stakeholders.

Core Beliefs
MB1 We believe in creating long term shareholder value
MB2 We believe in engaging constructively with our stakeholders
MB3 We believe in creating inspiring working environments for our people
MB4 We believe in adding value to the communities in which we operate
MB5 We believe that suppliers and other business partners should have the opportunity to benefit from their relationship with us

Finding solutions to the issues associated with our business requires constructive dialogue involving many parts of society.
We recognise that we have an important role in making this happen effectively. We also recognise that the quality of dialogue and solutions depends on the willingness of stakeholders to engage and contribute.

Our responsibility is to provide opportunities for our stakeholders to raise their concerns and expectations with us in dialogue and for us to listen with an open mind.

We will:

  • Identify and engage with our stakeholders consistently, transparently and as inclusively as possible;
  • Proactively seek the views of our stakeholders and provide opportunities for other interested parties to share their views and concerns with us;
  • Translate the expectations of our stakeholders into action wherever we see it as reasonable and feasible.

We share responsibility with our stakeholders to achieve constructive engagement through all parties acting in good faith and with open-minded consideration of the views of the participants.

For our part, we will:

  • Identify stakeholders with whom we think we can work to find sustainable solutions to the issues associated with our business;
  • Clearly state our views in dialogue.

We see it as the responsibility of our stakeholders, including our critics, to engage constructively with us.

We will help by:

  • Seeking ways to engage that best suit the different needs of our stakeholders.