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Mutual BenefitResponsible Product StewardshipGood Corporate Conduct

The principle of Good Corporate Conduct is the basis on which all our businesses should be managed. Business success brings with it an obligation for high standards of behaviour and integrity in everything we do and wherever we operate. These standards should not be compromised for the sake of results.

Core Beliefs
GCC1 We believe our businesses should uphold high standards of behaviour and integrity
GCC2 We believe that high standards of corporate social responsibility should be promoted within the tobacco industry
GCC3 We believe that universally recognised fundamental human rights should be respected
GCC4 We believe our industry should have a voice in the formation of government policies affecting it
GCC5 We believe in achieving world class standards of environmental performance

The perceived increase in the power and influence of major businesses has brought with it greater scrutiny and increasing expectations that they should demonstrate high standards of corporate conduct and accountability wherever they operate.
This is particularly important for businesses with a wide geographical scope such as our Group of companies.

Our responsibility is to work to ensure that all our employees continuously uphold high standards of conduct in the performance of their duties.

We will:

  • Ensure that employees are aware of and understand our Standards of Business Conduct;
  • Review our Standards of Business Conduct, as necessary, to ensure they continue to reflect global best practice;
  • Maintain effective mechanisms designed to ensure compliance with the law and our Standards of Business Conduct.

We should work together with our principal business partners to promote high standards of conduct.

For our part, we will:

  • Communicate our Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility to our principal business partners;
  • Strive only to work with principal business partners who are committed to high standards of business conduct.

We see it as the role of the wider business community, governments and society as a whole to combat unacceptable business practices.

We will contribute by:

  • Engaging in public debate about what standards of conduct are appropriate for business;
  • Encouraging a universal respect for high business standards in every country where our Group companies operate.