Marketing and trade


Marketing and trade

We are committed to ensuring the responsible marketing and trade of Group products.


Responsible marketing

We are committed to responsible marketing of all our products to adult consumers aged 18 or over.

Our marketing is governed by our International Marketing Principles available at or the relevant local Group company website.

As such, we expect our Suppliers to comply with:

  • Group International Marketing Principles as a minimum standard where they are stricter than local laws; or

  • Local laws or other local marketing codes where they are stricter than, or override, Group marketing principles.


Illicit trade

The fight against the illicit trade in our products is an important priority for the Group.

It is vital that our Suppliers have no direct or indirect involvement in, or support for, illicit trade in our products.

As such, Suppliers must:

  • Not knowingly engage in or support unlawful trade in our products;
  • Implement effective controls to prevent illicit trade, including:
    1. Measures to ensure supply to market reflects legitimate demand; and
    2. Procedures for, where relevant, investigating, suspending and terminating dealings with customers, Suppliers or individuals suspected of involvement in illicit trade.

Collaborate with authorities in any official investigation of illicit trade, while ensuring this is done in a lawful manner and in line with our zero tolerance for any form of bribery and corruption, given the heightened bribery and corruption risks in dealings with public officials.


Types of illicit products

Counterfeit or fake:

Unauthorised copies of branded products that have been manufactured without the knowledge or permission of the trademark owner and using cheap, unregulated materials.

Local tax evaded:

Products which are manufactured and sold in the same country, but are not declared to the authorities, so excise tax is not paid. These products are manufactured in either legitimate or illegal factories.


Products (either genuine or counterfeit) which are moved from one country to another without payment of taxes or duties, or in breach of laws prohibiting their import or export.


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