The role of line managers


The role of line managers

Our SoBC, policies and procedures apply to everyone, whatever their role or seniority. Managers are key role models of the SoBC. If you manage people, you must ensure that all your reports read the SoBC and receive the guidance, resources and training they need to understand what is expected of them.


Line managers are expected to:

  • know BAT’s ethos and stand up for what is right
  • coach their team to ensure they know how to ‘Deliver with Integrity’ and recognise consistent behaviours
  • role model respect in the workplace
  • foster an environment in which concerns are freely raised without fear of retaliation
  • raise concerns when appropriate to do so

No exception or compromise

No line manager has authority to order or approve any action contrary to the SoBC, or against the law. In no circumstances will we allow our standards to be compromised for the sake of results. How you deliver is as important as what you deliver.

If a manager orders you to do something in breach of the SoBC or the law, raise this with higher management, your local LEX Counsel or a ‘Designated Officer’ ( You can also report the matter through our confidential Speak Up hotline if you do not feel able to speak to someone internally.