Listed below are some recent updates:

January 2023

2022 offline sign-off removed.

October 2022

2022 Online sign-off FAQ, plus Ukrainian SoBC/SCoC.

September 2022

2022 offline sign-off added.

August 2022

Updated procedures/guidance

July 2022

English 2022 offline sign-off added.

May 2022

Minor updates to hotline numbers, plus additional procedure added.

April 2022

Minor updates to policy translations.

March 2022

Additional languages added for both SoBC and Supplier Code of Conduct.

February 2022

Additional languages added

January 2022

New SoBC policies for 2022, including adding the Supplier Code of Conduct, and new design implemented.

Removed 2021 offline sign-off and 2021 integrity pledge content.

August 2021

2021 offline sign-off added.

July 2021

Integrity Pledge section added.

June 2021

Added contact details to G&E link.

April 2021

Some minor content updates and design changes.

March 2021

Improved search function

January 2021

'I want to Speak Up' language versions added.

December 2020

2020 Offline sign-off removed.

October 2020

Online SoBC sign-off FAQ added

Link to G&E tracker added

Test your knowledge added

September 2020

Korean language SoBC policies added.

August 2020

2020 Offline sign-off added.

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