How to Speak Up


How to Speak Up


Speak to someone

  • If you feel comfortable, report the matter directly to your line manager. You can also raise concerns with a LEX manager or HR manager.

Call a confidential Speak Up hotline

Find your local hotline number


Speak Up online


Email the Group Designated Officers (GDOs)

  • Send an email to
  • Four senior Group executives act as our Group Designated Officers. Anyone can raise a concern with them directly. They are:
    • Tamara Gitto, AGC Business Conduct and Compliance
    • Paul McCrory, Company Secretary, BAT plc
    • Graeme Munro, Group Head of Internal Audit
    • Jon Evans, Group Head of Reward

Duty to report a breach

  • We have a duty to report any suspected wrongdoing in breach of the SoBC or the law. We should also report any such conduct by third parties working with the Group.

Protection for those who Speak Up

You will not suffer any form of reprisal for raising a concern about actual or suspected wrongdoing, even if you were mistaken.

See this text in full in the Speak Up PolicySpeak Up PolicyPolitique de signalement du groupePolítica Speak Up del GrupoPolítica Speak Up


Anyone working for or with the Group who is concerned about actual or suspected wrongdoing at work (whether in the past, occurring or likely to happen) should Speak Up.