Guidance for line managers


Guidance for line managers


What we ask of line managers

  • know BAT’s ethos and stand up for what is right
  • coach their team to ensure they know how to ‘Deliver with Integrity’ and recognise consistent behaviours
  • role model respect in the workplace
  • foster an environment in which concerns are freely raised without fear of retaliation
  • raise concerns when appropriate to do so

No line manager has authority to order or approve any action contrary to the SoBC, or against the law.

If a manager asks orders you to do something in breach of the SoBC or the law, raise this with higher management, your local LEX Counsel or a ‘Designated Officer’ (). You can also report the matter through our confidential Speak Up hotline if you do not feel able to speak to someone internally

In no circumstances will we allow our standards to be compromised for the sake of results. How you deliver is as important as what you deliver.

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Speak Up

Social and environment

Personal and business integrity

External stakeholders

Corporate assets and financial integrity

National and international trade

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Group Speak Up policy
Group Speak Up policy

Your role in managing Speak Up:

  • Encourage an environment where your team feels comfortable raising concerns freely and without fear of retaliation - we do not tolerate the harassment or victimisation of anyone raising concerns or anyone who assists them. Such conduct is itself a breach of the SoBC and will be treated as a serious disciplinary matter.
  • Listen and support your team when they raise concerns, and address their concerns.
  • Notify your local Legal and External Affairs team (LEX) of concerns brought to your attention - line managers have an additional duty to raise any concerns brought to their attention. Those who ignore such concerns, or stop or discourage someone from Speaking Up, could face disciplinary action.
Our people: respect in the workplace
Our people: respect in the workplace

Your role in managing respect in the workplace

  • Create an open and inclusive climate for your team, where harassment and bullying are not tolerated.
  • Treat your reports fairly and inclusively, with dignity and respect.
  • Respect your reports’ characteristics and opinions, and do not practice any form of unlawful discrimination.
  • Encourage your team to Speak Up if they experience or witness Respect in the Workplace issues.
  • Use the Manager’s D&I (diversity and inclusion) Toolkit to understand how to create an inclusive culture.

The Managers’ Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit – ask your local HR team

Human rights
Human rights

Your role in promoting our Human rights policy

  • If your reports work with suppliers, ensure they know how to access the Supplier Code so they can direct their supplier contacts to read our human rights requirements
Health, safety and welfare
Health, safety and welfare

Your role in promoting health, safety and welfare

Coach your team to:

  • take reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and others while at work;
  • cooperate fully in all health and safety-related matters;
  • not interfere with, or misuse equipment provided for, safety; and
  • report any unsafe conditions in accordance with Global EHS Policy Manual

Your role in championing our Environment policy

Encourage your reports to contribute to our environmental management efforts by:

  • understanding their personal environmental impact and identifying opportunities to use resources responsibly;
  • ensuring they are familiar and comply with all environmental laws and regulations and our Global EHS Policy Manual;
  • ensuring that our suppliers and partners comply with the minimum standards for environmental sustainability set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct; and
  • reporting any non-conformances in accordance with the Global EHS Policy Manual
  • undertake the Environmental Sustainability Foundation Programme, available on our employee learning platform, the GRID
Conflicts of interest
Conflicts of interest

Line managers play a critical role in managing Conflicts of interest

  • Whether disclosed directly to you or in the SoBC Portal, via the SoBC app, or on hardcopy offline forms, you must consider what steps to take to manage each conflict of interest disclosed by your reports, including new joiners.
  • For more information on risk levels and practical guidance on managing conflicts of interest, see the Conflicts of Interest Guide for Line Managers

Read the Conflicts of Interest Guide for Line Managers

Login to the SoBC Portal to disclose or update conflicts of interest

Anti-bribery and corruption
Anti-bribery and corruption

Your role in promoting the ABAC Policy

  • Ensure your reports are aware that the ABAC Procedure has been replaced by the integrated Third Party Anti-Financial Crimes Procedure
  • If your reports work with suppliers, ensure they know how to access the Supplier Code so they can direct their supplier contacts to read our anti-bribery and corruption rules
Gifts and entertainment
Gifts and entertainment

Your role in managing Gifts and entertainment

  • You should only approve G&E in line with the SoBC G&E Policy and Procedure.
  • Ensure your direct reports understand the SoBC G&E Policy.
  • If your reports work with suppliers, ensure they know how to access the Supplier Code so they can direct their supplier contacts to read our G&E rules
Lobbying and engagement
Lobbying and engagement

Your role in managing Lobbying and engagement

  • If relevant to their roles, ensure that your reports who engage with Public Officials, politicians, policy makers or regulators, and any Third Parties who lobby or engage on our behalf, do so transparently, in accordance with the SoBC Lobbying and Engagement Policy
Political contributions
Political contributions

Your role in managing Political contributions

  • If you or your reports engage with Public Officials, politicians or policy makers, ensure you are all familiar with the Political Contributions Policy.
  • The SoBC Political Contributions Policy states under Personal political activity that employees should notify their line managers in advance if they plan to seek or accept public office. As a line manager you should discuss this with your report to establish whether such official duties may affect their work, and cooperate to minimise any such impact.
Community investment
Community investment

Your role in managing Community investment

  • If relevant to their roles, ensure your reports are aware that the Charitable Contributions Policy has been renamed the Community Investment Policy, and any community investment should only be made in accordance with the Group Community Investment Framework
Protection of corporate assets
Protection of corporate assets

Your role in managing Protection of corporate assets

  • When your direct reports’ employment with BAT ends, ensure you complete the necessary administrative tasks to deactivate their access rights to BAT systems.
  • Contact IDT and / or HR for more information if you’re unsure how to deactivate access rights.
Data privacy, confidentiality and information security
Data privacy, confidentiality and information security

Your role in managing Data privacy

  • Where relevant, identify which roles in your team involve the handling of personal data, and ensure your relevant reports complete the Data Privacy training.
Anti-illicit trade
Anti-illicit trade

Your role in managing Anti-illicit trade

If relevant to your roles:

  • make sure your team makes our position on illicit trade clear to our customers and relevant Third Parties.
  • coach your team to regularly monitor and assess illicit trade in our markets.
  • maintain controls to prevent our products being diverted into illicit trade channels – read the ‘Supply Chain Compliance Procedure’ and other relevant guidance
Competition and anti-trust
Competition and anti-trust

Your role in managing Competition and antitrust

  • Where relevant, coach your team to understand that competition and antitrust is not only relevant to Marketing teams – it can also be relevant to roles in HR and Procurement
  • Identify who in your teams the Competition and Antitrust Policy is most relevant to and encourage them to complete the Competition Law training.
  • Contact your local LEX team for information on additional local training.

Competition and antitrust eLearning (Login to the SoBC Portal)

Find Competition Quick Guides on the Competition and antitrust SharePoint site

Sanctions and export controls
Sanctions and export controls

Your role in managing Sanctions

Where relevant:

  • identify which of your reports might be exposed to Sanctions risks and ensure they read and comply with the Sanctions Policy, Procedure, and Sanctions Compliance Framework
  • ensure relevant suppliers your team works with are also familiar with our Sanctions rules in the Supplier Code

Sanctions eLearning (Login to the SoBC portal)

Find the Sanctions Compliance Framework on the Sanctions SharePoint page

Supplier Code (full version)

Supplier Code (full version)

Anti-tax evasion and anti-money laundering
Anti-tax evasion and anti-money laundering

Your role in managing Anti-tax evasion and anti-money laundering

  • Identify who in your team is at risk of encountering possible money laundering or tax evasion, and ensure they are familiar with red flags to look out for. There are several examples of red flags in the Anti-Tax Evasion and Anti-Money Laundering Policy.
  • If your reports work with suppliers, ensure they know how to access the Supplier Code so they can direct their supplier contacts to read our anti-tax evasion and anti-money laundering rules
Ativos corporativos e integridade financeiraExactitatea activităților de contabilitate și evidența documentelorالدقة في المحاسبة وإمساك السجلاتТочное ведение бухгалтерского учета и документацииKorrekte Buchführung und AufzeichnungenAccurate accounting and record-keepingDokładna księgowość i prowadzenie dokumentacji正確な会計及び記録保管正確的會計與帳務紀錄Doğru muhasebe ve kayıt tutmaAccurate accounting and record-keepingPembukuan dan pencatatan yang akuratসঠিক অ্যাকাউন্টিং হিসাবরক্ষণ এবং রেকর্ড-রাখা정확한 회계처리와 기록 유지درست طریقہ سے حساب کتاب اور ریکارڈ رکھناТочне ведення бухгалтерського обліку і документаціїExactitude de la comptabilité et de la tenue des registresContabilidad y registros precisosCombaterea mitei și a corupțieiمكافحة الرشوة ومكافحة الفسادПротиводействие взяточничеству и коррупцииBekämpfung von Bestechung und KorruptionPrzeciwdziałanie łapówkarstwu i korupcjiAnti-bribery and corruption贈収賄及び汚職対策Anti-bribery and corruption反賄賂與貪污Rüşvet ve yolsuzlukla mücadeleAntisuap dan korupsiঘুষ ও দুর্নীতি রোধ뇌물과 부정행위رشوت اور بدعنوانی مخالفБоротьба з хабарництвом і протидія корупціїLutte contre les pots-de-vin et la corruptionAntisoborno y anticorrupciónAntissuborno e corrupçãoCombaterea comerțului ilicitمكافحة الاتجار غير المشروعПротиводействие незаконной торговлеAnti-Illicit tradeBekämpfung von illegalem HandelPrzeciwdziałanie nielegalnemu handlowi違法取引対策反非法買賣Yasa dışı ticaret ile mücadeleAnti-perdagangan ilegalঅবৈধ লেনদেন রোধ불법거래금지Anti-Illicit tradeغیر قانونی تجارت مخالفПротидія незаконній торгівліLutte contre le commerce illiciteLucha contra el comercio ilícitoMedidas contra comércio ilegalCombaterea evaziunii fiscale și a spălării banilorمكافحة التهرب الضريبي ومكافحة غسيل الأموالПротиводействие уклонению от уплаты налогов и отмыванию денегBekämpfung von Steuerhinterziehung und GeldwäschePrzeciwdziałanie uchylaniu się od płacenia podatków i praniu pieniędzy脱税及びマネー・ロンダリング対策洗錢及逃稅防制Vergi kaçakçılığı ve kara para aklama ile mücadeleAnti-penghindaran pajak dan anti-pencucian uangকর ফাঁকিরোধ এবং অর্থপাচার রোধAnti-tax evasion and anti-money laundering탈세방지 및 자금세탁방지ٹیکس چوری مخالف اور منی لانڈرنگ مخالفAnti-tax evasion and anti-money launderingПротидія ухиленню від сплати податків і легалізації доходів, отриманих злочинним шляхомLutte contre l’évasion fiscale et le blanchiment d’argentLucha contra la evasión fiscal y el blanqueo de capitalesMedidas contra evasão fiscal e lavagem de dinheiroIntegridad empresarialIntegridade comercialДеловая порядочностьUczciwość biznesowaIntegritas bisnisIntegritate profesionalăIntégrité professionnelle商業誠信Mesleki dürüstlük업무 온전성نزاهة الأعمال事業の誠実性Business integrityব্যবসায়িক সততাTính chính trực trong kinh doanhДілова етикаInvestiții comunitareCommunity investmentالاستثمار المجتمعيИнвестиции в сообществаGemeinschafts-investitionenInwestycje społeczneコミュニティ投資社會投資Community investmentToplumsal yatırımMasyarakat Investasiকমিউনিটি বিনিয়োগ 지역사회 투자کمیونٹی سرمایہ کاریІнвестиції у громадиInvestissement communautaireInversión en las comunidadesInvestimento comunitárioCompetiție și antitrustالمنافسة ومنع الاحتكارКонкуренция и антимонопольное законодательствоWettbewerbs- und KartellrechtOchrona konkurencji i przepisy antymonopolowe競争と反トラスト法令競爭與反壟斷 Rekabet ve antitröstPersaingan dan antipakatপ্রতিযোগিতা এবং বিশ্বাস-বিরোধিতা Competition and antitrust경쟁과 반독점مسابقہ اور عدم اعتمادCompetition and antitrustКонкуренція та антимонопольне законодавствоConcurrence et antitrustCompetencia y antimonopoliosConcorrência e antitrusteComplianceCumplimientoConformidadeСоответствие требованиямZgodnośćKepatuhanConformitateConformité準則遵循Uyum법령 준수الامتثال遵守প্রতিপালনTuân ThủДотримання нормативних вимогConflicte de intereseتعارض المصالحКонфликты интересовInteressen-konflikteKonflikty interesów利益相反Conflicts of interestConflicts of interest利益衝突Çıkar çatışmalarıKonflik kepentinganস্বার্থের সংঘাত이해상충مفادات کا ٹکراؤКонфлікти інтересівConflits d’intérêtsConflictos de interésConflitos de interesseConfidențialitatea datelor, confidențialitatea și securitatea informațiilorخصوصية البيانات والسرية وأمن المعلوماتЗащита персональных данных, конфиденциальность и информационная безопасностьDatenschutz, Vertraulichkeit und Informations-sicherheitOchrona danych, poufność i bezpieczeństwo informacjiデータプライバシー、秘密保持及び情報セキュリティ資料隱私、保密義務與資訊安全Veri gizliliği, gizlilik ve bilgi güvenliğiPrivasi data, kerahasiaan, dan keamanan informasiData privacy, confidentiality and information securityডেটা/উপাত্তের গোপনীয়তা ও তথ্যের নিরাপত্তা개인정보보호, 비밀유지, 정보보안ڈیٹا پرائیویسی، رازداری اور معلومات کی حفاظتЗахист персональних даних, конфіденційність та інформаційна безпекаData privacy, confidentiality and information securityProtection des données, confidentialité et sécurité de l’informationPrivacidad de datos, confidencialidad y seguridad de la informaciónPrivacidade de dados, confidencialidade e segurança da informaçãoSostenibilidad medioambientalSustentabilidade ambientalУстойчивое экологическое развитиеZrównoważony rozwójKelestarian lingkunganSustenabilitatea ecologicăDurabilité environnementale環境永續Çevresel sürdürülebilirlik환경적 지속가능성الاستدامة البيئية環境の持続可能性পরিবেশের স্থায়িত্ব টেকসই পরিবেশ ব্যবস্থাপনাBền vững về môi trườngЕкологічний сталий розвитокEnvironmental sustainabilityMediuالبيئةEnvironmentОкружающая средаUmweltEnvironmentŚrodowisko環境環境ÇevreLingkunganপরিবেশ환경ماحولДовкілляEnvironnementMedio AmbienteMeio ambienteCadouri și divertisment (C&D)الهدايا والترفيه (G&E)Подарки и представительские мероприятия (G&E)Geschenke und Bewirtung (G&B)Świadczenia reprezentacyjne (G&E)贈答品・接待(G&E)Gifts and entertainment餽贈與交際 (G&E)Hediye ve eğlence (H&E)Hadiah dan hiburan (G&E)উপহার এবং বিনোদন (G&E)선물과 향응تحائف اور تفریح (G&E)Подарунки і представницькі заходиGifts and entertainmentCadeaux et divertissementsRegalos y entretenimiento (G&E)Brindes e entretenimento (B&E)Politica Speak Up a Grupuluiسياسة حرية الإبلاغ لدى المجموعةПолитика информирования о нарушениях (Speak Up)Speak Up-GruppenrichtliniePolityka Grupy dotycząca zgłaszania nieprawidłowości (Speak Up)グループ・スピークアッ・ポリシーGroup Speak Up policy集團舉報政策Düşünceleri Açıkça İfade Etme (Speak Up) Grup politikasıKebijakan Speak Up Grupদলগত স্পিক আপ নীতি그룹 내부고발 정책گروپ کی آواز اٹھانے کی پالیسیПолітика Групи щодо повідомлення про неправомірну поведінкуPolitique de signalement du groupePolítica Speak Up del GrupoGroup Speak Up policyPolítica Speak UpSănătate, siguranță și bunăstareالصحة والسلامة والرعايةЗдоровье, безопасность и благополучиеGesundheit, Sicherheit und WohlbefindenZdrowie, bezpieczeństwo i dobrobyt健康、安全及び福祉健康、安全及福利Sağlık, güvenlik ve refahKesehatan, keselamatan, dan kesejahteraanস্বাস্থ্য, সুরক্ষা এবং কল্যাণসাধন 건강, 안전 및 복지صحت، سلامتی اور فلاح و بہبودОхорона праці, техніка безпеки та добробут працівниківHealth, safety and welfareSanté, sécurité et bien-êtreSalud, seguridad y bienestarSaúde, segurança e bem-estarHealth, safety and welfareHuman rightsDrepturile omuluiحقوق الإنسانПрава человекаHuman rightsMenschenrechtePrawa człowieka人権Derechos humanosDireitos humanosПрава человекаPrawa człowiekaHAMDrepturile omuluiDroits de l'homme人權人權Human rightsİnsan haklarıİnsan hakları인권Hak asasi manusiaমানবাধিকার인권انسانی حقوقحقوق الإنسان人権মানবাধিকারQuyền con ngườiПрава людиниПрава людиниDroits de l’hommeDerechos humanosDireitos humanosUtilizarea abuzivă a informațiilor privilegiate și abuzul de piațăInsider dealing and market abuseالتعامل الداخلي وإساءة استخدام الأسواقИнсайдерские сделки и РЫНОЧНЫЕ злоупотребленияInsiderhandel und MarktmissbrauchWykorzystanie informacji poufnych w obrocie i nadużycia na rynkuインサイダー取引及び市場濫用行為內線交易與市場濫用İçeriden bilgiyle alıp satma ve piyasa bozucu eylemlerPerdagangan orang dalam dan manipulasi pasarঅভ্যন্তরীণ তথ্যের লেনদেন এবং মার্কেটের অপব্যবহারInsider dealing and market abuse내부자 거래와 시장 남용행위انسائڈر ڈیلنگ اور مارکیٹ کا غلط استعمالІнсайдерські операції і зловживання умовами діяльності на ринкуOpérations d’initiés et abus de marchéInformación privilegiada y abuso de mercadoInformações privilegiadas e abuso de mercadoLobbying and engagementLobby și implicareحشد التأييد والمشاركةВзаимодействие с государственными органамиLobbying und EngagementLobbing i zaangażowanieロビー活動及びエンゲージメント遊說與往來Lobicilik ve ilişkilerLobi dan interaksiলবি করা ও নিয়োজন 로비 및 교류لابنگ اور شمولیتLobbying and engagementЛобіювання і співробітництвоLobbying et engagementCabildeo y compromisoLobby e engajamentoMarketing and tradeMarketing y comercioMarketing e comércioМаркетинг и торговляMarketing i handelPemasaran dan perdaganganMarketing și comerțMarketing et commerce行銷與貿易Pazarlama ve ticaret마케팅과 거래التسويق والتجارةマーケティングと取引বিপণন মার্কেটিং ও বাণিজ্যTiếp thị và thương mạiМаркетинг і торгівляAngajații noștri: respectul la locul de muncăفريق عملنا: الاحترام في مكان العملНаши работники: уважение на работеUnsere Mitarbeiter: Respekt am ArbeitsplatzNasi ludzie: szacunek w miejscu pracy社員:職場における敬意Our people: respect in the workplace職場上的尊重Çalışanlarımız: iş yerinde saygıKaryawan kita: saling menghormati di tempat kerjaআমাদের কর্মীগণ: কর্মক্ষেত্রে সম্মান 우리의 사람들: 직장에서의 상호 존중ہمارے لوگ: مقام کار میں احترامНаші працівники: повага на робочому місціOur people: respect in the workplaceNos collaborateurs: le respect au travailNuestro personal: respeto en el lugar de trabajoNossos colaboradores: respeito no local de trabalhoPolitical contributionsContribuții politiceالمساهمات السياسيةВзносы на политические целиPolitische BeiträgeDarowizny na cele polityczne政治献金政治捐獻Politik katkılarPolitical contributionsKontribusi politisরাজনৈতিক অনুদান 정치기부금سیاسی تعاونФінансування політичних партійContributions politiquesContribuciones políticasContribuições políticasProtejarea activelor corporativeحماية أصول الشركةЗащита корпоративных активовSchutz des Unternehmens-vermögensOchrona aktywów korporacyjnych企業資産の保護保護公司資產Şirket varlıklarının korunmasıProtection of corporate assetsProtection of corporate assetsPerlindungan aset perusahaanকর্পোরেট সম্পদের সুরক্ষা기업 자산의 보호کارپوریٹ اثاثوں کا تحفظЗахист майна компаніїProtection des actifs de l’entrepriseProtección de activos corporativosProteção de ativos corporativosSancțiuni și controale privind exportulالجزاءات وضوابط الرقابة على التصديرСанкции и экспортный контрольSanktionen und ExportkontrollenSankcje i kontrola eksportu制裁措置及び輸出管理制裁與出口管制Yaptırımlar ve ihracat kontrolleriSanksi dan pengendalian eksporনিষেধাজ্ঞা ও রপ্তানী নিয়ন্ত্রণ 국제제재와 수출 통제Sanctions and export controlsپابندیاں اور برآمدات پر کنٹرولСанкції та експортний контрольSanctions et contrôles à l’exportationSanctions and export controlsSanciones y control de las exportacionesSanções e controles de exportação