Protection of corporate assets


Protection of corporate assets

We are all responsible for safeguarding and making appropriate use of Group assets we are entrusted with.


Acting in our company’s best interests

We must ensure Group assets are not damaged, misused, misappropriated or wasted and must report their abuse or misappropriation by others.

Group assets include physical and intellectual property, funds, time, proprietary information, corporate opportunity, equipment and facilities.


Devoting sufficient time to our work

We are all expected to devote sufficient time to our work to fulfil our responsibilities.

Whilst at work, we are expected to be fully engaged and not to undertake personal activities beyond a modest level that does not interfere with our job.


Guarding against theft and misuse of funds

We must protect Group funds and safeguard them against misuse, fraud and theft. Our claims for expenses, vouchers, bills and invoices must be accurate and submitted in a timely manner.

‘Group funds’ means cash or cash equivalent belonging to a Group company, including money advanced to us and company credit cards we hold.

Fraud or theft by Employees could result in their dismissal and prosecution.


Protecting our brands and innovations

We must protect all intellectual property owned within the Group.

Intellectual property includes patents, copyrights, trade marks, design rights and other proprietary information.


Securing access to our assets

We must protect information that may be used to provide access to Group assets.

Always maintain the security of any information used to access company property and networks, including building access cards, ID, passwords and codes.


Respecting the assets of third parties

We must never knowingly:
  • damage, misuse or misappropriate the physical assets of third parties
  • infringe valid patents, trade marks, copyrights or other intellectual property in violation of third parties’ rights
  • perform unauthorised activities which adversely impact the performance of third parties’ systems or resources

We should show the same respect to the physical and intellectual property of third parties that we expect them to show towards the Group’s assets


Using company equipment

We must not use company equipment or facilities for personal activities, other than as set out below and in line with company policy and the Acceptable Use Policy.

Limited, occasional or incidental personal use of company equipment and systems issued or made available to us is permitted, provided that it:

  • is reasonable and does not interfere with the proper performance of our job
  • does not have an adverse impact on the performance of our systems
  • is not for any illegal or improper purpose

Reasonable and brief personal phone, email and internet use is permitted. Improper uses include:

  • communication that is derogatory, defamatory, sexist, racist, obscene, vulgar or otherwise offensive
  • improperly disseminating copyrighted, licensed, or other proprietary materials
  • transmitting chain letters, adverts or solicitations (unless authorised)
  • visiting inappropriate internet sites

Group assets include physical and intellectual property, funds, time, proprietary information, corporate opportunity, equipment and facilities


Who to talk to

  • Your line manager
  • Higher management
  • Your local LEX Counsel
  • Head of Compliance: