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Listed below are some recent updates:

August 2021

2021 offline sign-off added.

July 2021

Integrity Pledge section added.

June 2021

Added contact details to G&E link.

April 2021

Some minor content updates and design changes.

March 2021

Improved search function

January 2021

'I want to Speak Up' language versions added.

December 2020

2020 Offline sign-off removed.

October 2020

Online SoBC sign-off FAQ added

Link to G&E tracker added

Test your knowledge added

September 2020

Korean language SoBC policies added.

August 2020

2020 Offline sign-off added.

March 2020

Minor fixes.

February 2020

Updated and added procedures; Dark mode added

January 2020

2020 SoBC content released including more languages.

September 2019

Initial app release including 4 languages.

The content of this app is currently version: