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Jack Bowles, Group Chief Executive
“We must continue to act with integrity in every single thing we do – wherever we work in the world, whatever grade we are and whatever job we do….”

Jack Bowles, Group Chief Executive

Jack's message to you about the way we work

The diversity of our people is a strength that has contributed to our success for over one hundred years. Our varied perspectives and different approaches to business challenges are a source of the innovative ideas fuelling our transformative journey.

However, even in a diverse organisation such as ours, it is essential to our continued success that all of us are working to a consistent set of rules and standards of behaviour. We articulate these in our Standards of Business Conduct (SoBC).

What BAT expects from you

We have the right strategy, foundations and vision to transform tobacco. How we each execute this strategy is of equal importance to what we deliver. Our SoBC is mandatory, and it is critical that each and every one of us complies, in letter and spirit, no matter where we work in the BAT world.

Our SoBC policies cover key areas including personal and business integrity, respect in the workplace, human rights and financial integrity.  In addition, given our expertise, I firmly believe that BAT has a legitimate and essential contribution to make to the regulatory debate. The introduction of our Principles for Engagement in a new Lobbying and Engagement Policy of our SoBC articulates how we contribute to this debate: with transparency, openness and integrity.

Every situation is different, and our SoBC cannot provide the answers to every dilemma or challenge. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for in our SoBC, or if you are not clear how to apply our SoBC to a particular situation, I encourage you to discuss it with your colleagues, and seek help and advice from your manager, your LEX Counsel or an appropriate senior manager.

What you can expect from BAT

BAT will always support you to Deliver with Integrity when you face an ethical dilemma. If you suspect wrongdoing in our business, please report it to your manager, your LEX Counsel, a Designated Officer, or use our confidential Speak Up hotline.

BAT takes allegations of breach of our SoBC very seriously, and I offer my personal assurance that all concerns raised will be treated in strict confidence. No one will face reprisals for speaking up.

I am committed to leading a company that prioritises Delivery with Integrity in everything we do, so that we can all take pride as we continue to deliver great results on our journey to transform tobacco.
Please make sure you read our SoBC.

Jack Bowles,
Chief Executive