Building lasting and successful partnerships with the retailers who sell our products is key to our success.

We have around 20,000 employees supporting millions of retailers worldwide, many of them independent, family-run shops. We bring all our knowledge and experience to bear to help them build successful retail businesses.

We also help our retailers prevent underage smoking. This includes helping them comply with minimum age laws, supporting proof-of-age schemes and training for shop staff.
We support retailers
Amount of tobacco purchased
tonnes of tobacco bought each year from contracted farmers and third parties
Technicians worldwide
1,000+ leaf technicians worldwide
Contracted farmers
Around 90,000 contracted farmers
Leaf suppliers
70,000+ non-leaf suppliers worldwide
Our 70,000+ non-leaf suppliers worldwide are also valued business partners. They include suppliers of cigarette packaging, filter materials and machinery and services such as IT consultancy.

We set out the minimum standards we expect of our suppliers through our Supplier Code of Conduct and work with them to achieve continuous improvement within their own operations and supply chains.

We believe that by working together we can raise standards, drive sustainable practices and create shared value for all.

Supplier Code of Conduct (1.4 mb) 
We have been working with farmers for more than 100 years – agriculture is in our DNA. Farmers are crucial to our business and we have always said that if they thrive, we thrive – because we benefit from a secure supply of high-quality tobacco leaf.

We don’t own farms or employ farmers. Instead, we work as partners with some 90,000 contracted farmers worldwide.

We are committed to ensuring that all farmers who supply our tobacco leaf have prosperous livelihoods. Our specialist leaf technicians work in the field with farmers to help them improve crop yields, preserve soil and water while also providing access to new farming technologies.

We work with farmers to address the environmental impacts of tobacco growing. For example, our afforestation initiatives provide sustainable sources of the wood for tobacco curing. We also work to source locally available alternative fuels.

We are often involved in community projects, too – such as providing clean water and sanitation for farming communities in Bangladesh, or training and development for rural youth in Brazil.

We play a key role in addressing exploitative child labour in tobacco growing. We co-founded and are active members of the Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Growing Foundation , which runs community projects to address the root causes of child labour.