Independent supplier reviews

Percentage of suppliers reviewed

Goal: Independent on-site reviews conducted on 100% of our leaf operations and suppliers every three years as part of the Sustainable Tobacco Programme (STP)

Percentage of total leaf operations and suppliers where independent on-site reviews have been conducted in a three-year cycle1

2016 2017 2018 target
21% 50% 100%
1STP was introduced in June 2016, so data is not available for previous years.

We use the industry-wide Sustainable Tobacco Programme (STP) to conduct assessments and independent on-site reviews for all of our tier one tobacco leaf suppliers, including all our own leaf operations.

STP was introduced in June 2016 to unify the industry under a single programme. It replaced our previous Social Responsibility in Tobacco Production programme, which from 2000 until 2015 set the standard for all our leaf suppliers worldwide.

AB Sustain, a supply chain management company, independently reviews suppliers’ annual self-assessments, and conducts independent on-site reviews on 100% every three years. These include visits to tobacco farms and in-depth analyses of suppliers’ policies, processes and practices.

Since STP implementation, two rounds of self-assessment have been completed by all our leaf operations and suppliers, and AB Sustain has conducted a total of 26 independent on-site reviews in 19 countries, covering 50% of our total tobacco leaf supply base. By the end of 2018, 100% of our leaf operations and suppliers will have had on-site reviews by AB Sustain.

You can read more about the industry-wide Sustainable Tobacco Programme at .