Tobacco heating products

Innovating to lead the transformation of tobacco use

Our commitment to offering adult smokers a choice of potentially reduced-risk products is reflected in the progress we are making in tobacco heating products.

What are tobacco heating products?

Tobacco heating products (THPs) are devices that heat tobacco to generate a nicotine-containing aerosol with a tobacco taste which the user inhales.

Because the tobacco is only heated and not burned, the resulting aerosol can potentially contain substantially lower levels of the toxicants found in the smoke produced when tobacco is burned. This provides one indication that THPs have potential reduced-risk properties compared with conventional cigarettes.

Not all THPs are the same and we have different types in our portfolio.


glo productsOur flagship THP – glo – comprises a battery-powered device that heats specially-designed tobacco sticks to approximately 240 degrees Celsius. This process produces a nicotine containing aerosol with a tobacco taste which the user inhales.

glo was designed in the UK through a process that involved more than 100 experts across five continents, including scientists, engineers, product designers, tobacco specialists and toxicologists.

The glo device is one unit, with one button, making it simple and intuitive to use. As the tobacco sticks aren’t burned, no ash is produced.

We launched glo in the Japanese city of Sendai in December 2016 and we’re delighted with the progress it’s made since then. glo rolled out nationally in October 2017. In 2018 in Japan, which accounts for 70% of global industry volume, our launch of neosticks saw us reach a total market share of 4.7% in December 2018 and a 20% share of the category.

We’re also making good progress in other launch markets with a number of other market and product launches planned for 2018 2019 and beyond.

glo iFuse

glo iFuseglo iFuse is a hybrid electronic device which fuses tobacco heating and vaping technology. Because it contains and heats tobacco we classify it as a THP.

glo iFuse heats cartridges which contain not only tobacco, but also a pharmaceutical-grade, flavoured nicotine liquid solution which is heated. The nicotine-containing aerosol produced by this heating process is channelled over the tobacco to deliver a tobacco taste. glo iFuse is currently available in Romania.

Carbon-tipped THPs

A carbon-tipped THP is similar in appearance to a conventional cigarette. It consists of a carbon tip, which serves as the heating element, tobacco material and a filter. The user ignites the carbon tip, which in turn heats the tobacco material. Our latest carbon-tipped THP has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Adminstration – the regulator for tobacco and nicotine products.