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BAT published its 2022 Half-Year Results for the six months to 30 June 2022. Webcast featuring Chief Executive Jack Bowles and Finance and Transformation Director Tadeu Marroco, news release, presentation and transcript available here.

Year 2022Press releasePresentationWebcastTranscript
HY 2022
First Half Pre-Close 
Year 2021Press releasePresentationWebcastTranscript
FY 2021
Full Year Pre-Close 
HY 2021
First Half Pre-Close 
Year 2020Press releasePresentationWebcastTranscript
FY 2020
Full Year Pre-Close 
HY 2020
First Half Pre-Close 
Year 2019Press releasePresentationWebcastTranscript
FY 2019
Second Half Pre-Close 
HY 2019 
First Half Pre-Close   
Year 2018Press releasePresentationWebcastTranscript
FY 2018 
Second Half Pre-Close   
Trading Update   
HY 2018 
(The above version of the Half-year Report to 30 June 2018 includes a correction on page 7 related to the volume growth of Natural American Spirit.)
First Half Pre-Close   
Year 2017Press releasePresentationCEO reviewTranscript
FY 2017
Second Half Pre-Close   
HY 2017
First Half Pre-Close   
Year 2016Press releasePresentationCEO reviewTranscript
FY 2016
9M IMS   
HY 2016
3M IMS   
Year 2015Press releasePresentationCEO reviewTranscript
FY 2015
9M IMS   
HY 2015
3M IMS   
Year 2014Press releasePresentationCEO reviewTranscript
FY 2014
9M IMS   
HY 2014
3M IMS   
Year 2013Press releasePresentationCEO reviewTranscript
FY 2013
9M IMS   
HY 2013
3M IMS   
Year 2012Press releasePresentationCEO reviewTranscript
FY 2012
9M IMS   
HY 2012
3M IMS   

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