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Globe house can be found opposite Temple tube station

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Before contacting us, you may like to try this site’s 'search' tool or use the site map to find out more about our business. If you don't find the information you are looking for, please contact us via these routes.

Enquiries about our operations in specific countries

If your enquiry is about our operations or business in a specific country, please contact our local teams. See our country directory for contact details for our international locations.

Our country websites are good sources of information about our operations in countries around the world and also have country-specific contact details. Our Group websites page can direct you to all our country websites.

Careers with BAT

Visit our careers website  to find out about career opportunities at British American Tobacco and to search and apply for jobs.


For investor enquiries, please see the Contact us page in our Investors section.

Acquisition of Reynolds American Inc. – Investor FAQs

Former investors in Reynolds American Inc. can find details of how the acquisition affects their shareholdings in a FAQ document in the Acquisition of Reynolds American Inc. page.


For media enquiries, please go to our Media section for more details.


If you have bought one of our products and have an enquiry or would like to make a comment, please contact us via the consumer contact details provided on the pack.


The BAT Supplier Portal  provides our suppliers an enhanced experience through self-service and automation. The portal provides real-time updates on the status of invoices and access to our knowledge library of useful articles.

Confidential whistleblowing procedures

BAT staff and our business partners can raise concerns using our confidential, independently managed external Speak Up whistleblowing channels via telephone or online. Information on our Speak Up portal is available on the Standards of Business Conduct page.

Other enquiries

For other enquiries, please use this secure enquiries form Opens new window. Before you begin, take a moment to view our Conditions of Use and our Privacy Notice which tells you how we use your personal data captured on this site.

Please note that the purpose of our website is to share information about our company and our issues. It is not our intention to market, advertise or promote our brands on our site, nor is it our intention to use the site as a forum for establishing contact with potential business partners or suppliers. As such, we regret that we are unable to respond to e-mail enquiries about these topics.

Fraud and scam alert

BAT Group companies occasionally receive calls and emails from members of the public enquiring or seeking to confirm a job offer, prize award, offer of grant or other business-related offer.

Recruitment fraud

Recruitment fraud usually takes the form of a job offer from an organisation pretending to recruit on behalf of a BAT Group company, or from someone claiming to work for or be affiliated to a BAT Group company. The organisation/person offers employment at BAT and then requests money for things like recruitment checks, work permits, insurance policies, travel costs, taxes, etc. BAT Group companies and organisations that recruit on BAT’s behalf will never ask for payment at any point in the recruitment process. All communications will originate from a verifiable BAT email address and not from an internet email address.

Prize award and grant frauds

With this type of fraud, text messages or e-mails purporting to be sent on behalf of a BAT Group company may inform the recipient that they have won a BAT lottery or draw, or that they are eligible for a BAT grant. The emails or texts will usually ask the recipient to send money in order to receive the winnings or grant. Please note that BAT Group companies do not organise lottery or draw promotions for the public and nor do BAT Group companies award grants via unsolicited email or text messages.

Other business-related fraud

Other scam emails and calls are performed by people who introduce themselves as employees or representatives of BAT Group companies and say they are interested in buying, selling or renting property, products or services. Or, they may seek help in transferring large amounts of foreign currency for a variety of reasons such as helping BAT avoid aggressive corporate takeover bids from its competitors. BAT Group companies do not send unsolicited emails or make calls to individuals of this nature. They would never seek personal information such as credit card numbers, account or invoice numbers, addresses and passwords.

What to do
  • Do not respond to unsolicited emails, calls or texts of the type described above.
  • Do not disclose your personal or financial details, make any payment to anyone you do not know/trust or make any payment on a website you do not know/trust. If you think you have been misled into doing this, consider reporting the incident to your local law enforcement.

BAT Group companies cannot accept any responsibility for money lost in such circumstances.