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24 October 2023

Watch: Vuse Longitudinal Study Interim Results Overview

Measuring the Impact of Menthol and Tobacco-flavoured Vapour Product Use on Cigarette Smoking Cessation and Reductions.

We know that sustained and lasting changes to adult consumer behaviours offers the greatest hope for making cigarettes obsolete, and we believe that providing viable alternatives to smoking is in the public interest.

As part of this, BAT’s U.S. subsidiary RAI Services Co initiated a 24-month study, termed the Longitudinal Tobacco Use and Transitions Survey (LTTS), in support of the company’s Pre-Market Tobacco Product Application for Vuse Alto in the U.S.

The aim of this study is to measure the impact of Vuse vapour products on specific adult populations in the U.S., specifically the decline or elimination of cigarette use when adult smokers who do not wish to quit switch to Vuse.

In the video below, BAT’s Research & Science Director Dr James Murphy and RAI Services Co’s Science & Regulatory Affairs Vice President Dr Chris Junker, provide an overview of the study’s importance and interim results.

For further information about the survey, please visit RAI Services Co’s site here .