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11 May 2023

BAT on Gartner: Leveraging disruption to accelerate sustainability

John O’Reilly, BAT’s Group Head of Procurement for Strategy and Sustainability, sat down with Gartner as part of their supply chain podcast, to talk about how the company collaborates with its supplier base to identify opportunities for positive disruption and accelerate its value chain’s journey to net zero.

The Gartner supply chain podcast offers interviews with some of the business community’s best thinkers, innovators and leaders to share the most up-to-date strategic insights and tactical tips to drive supply chain success.

The podcast episode is available on all major podcast channels including Google , Apple  and Spotify .


John O’Reilly, “While BAT has set a course to be net zero across our value chain by 2050, we recognise that the need for everyone to cut emissions is urgent and working with our supplier base to achieve this is a high priority at BAT. We mapped the biggest carbon emitters in our supply chain and more than ca. 50% of our direct and indirect supplier’s emissions can be attributed to only 60 suppliers. By tackling the major emitters first, we seek to reduce emissions faster.”

“Working with your supplier base is critical if you want to get to net zero. We’re constantly looking for opportunities to accelerate that journey. Collaboration and positive disruption are critical to lowering carbon emissions, which are the key cause of climate change.”

Data-driven decision-making

In the podcast, you can also find out more about how BAT uses data to drive decision-making.

“By engaging suppliers through data collection, information sharing, direct discussion and requests to participate in the CDP Supply Chain programme, we believe we can achieve reductions faster. We find that while our suppliers want to undertake this kind of work, they may not always have the relevant expertise or resources to do it alone. This is where engagement and partnerships are vital.”


CDP has named BAT among the top 8% of companies for how it engages suppliers on tackling climate change, after analysing the information companies supplied to them in 2022. Read more about this here.

To find out more about our Sustainability / ESG progress and targets, download our BAT Combined Annual and ESG Report 2022 (8.7 mb) .