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Quarterly Science Update

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17 December 2021

Showcasing our world-class science

This week we launched our Q4 Science Update — a digital snapshot of some of the important research taking place across R&D that supports our New Category products and demonstrates our scientific leadership.

The latest report, part of the Quarterly Update series  launched by BAT earlier this year, covers the recent PMTA milestone in the US, what’s new in science across vapour, tobacco heating products, and modern oral products, and shines a spotlight on some of the world-leading scientists who are helping us build A Better Tomorrow™.

The short and snappy updates have been designed with a broad audience in mind, so our stakeholders can engage with the emerging research being delivered by BAT to support our New Category products and get a better understanding of the results we are delivering and why they matter.

Claire Wisbey, Global Head of Scientific Communications, said: “Our Quarterly Science Updates aim to showcase some of the excellent work being carried out across R&D and put our world-class scientists front and centre. We hope this latest instalment will be a valuable tool for engagement with both scientific and non-technical stakeholders and provide an accessible overview of the important evidence and fantastic harm reduction science that BAT is delivering.

“As the science continues to evolve and new data emerges, it is important that we create opportunities to engage stakeholders around the world and share the emerging evidence. It is this evidence that contributes to and drives belief and commitment to Tobacco Harm Reduction as a critically important public health policy.”

Read the latest Quarterly Science Update  on our dedicated science website, .