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Linsey Haswell

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18 June 2020

Women in STEM: a key part of our transformation

Diverse teams of experts have been at the forefront of BAT’s transformation and this exciting journey has been showcased in a national Women in STEM campaign.

Women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics roles are helping to accelerate our purpose to build A Better Tomorrow by reducing the health impact of our business by providing consumers with a greater choice of less risky products. And with our company experiencing its most dynamic period of change in its 118-year history, diverse teams are vital now more than ever.

We are proud to have our pioneering women and valuable male allies featured in a digital STEM supplement on  today. The supplement will also be published in The Week on Saturday. Open innovation, the importance of diverse teams, and how digital technology is changing ways of working are just some of the areas highlighted in the supplement, which also includes articles from Women Returners and Mothers in Science.

Marina Bellini, Director, Digital and Information at BAT, explains the importance of diversity and talent.

“A good mix of experiences, skills and mindsets is what helps us to innovate and make better decisions, and women in STEM is a key part of this pipeline,” says Marina.

“For a consumer company to really thrive, it must reflect the people, and world, outside of it. BAT is a very diverse company. We are present in 180 markets worldwide, with more than 53,000 people, bringing together different cultures, nationalities, experiences and opinions.”

David O’Reilly, Director, Scientific Research at BAT, highlights the importance of personal development programmes to support career goals. 

“I almost exclusively mentor women because I want more women in senior positions here. The industry is transforming itself and STEM plays a huge role,” says David.

“Diversity is a key part of our ethos. We have initiated a range of training and development programmes including women and leadership, a 30% mentoring club, ‘Parents at BAT’, how to guard against unconscious bias as well as career break re-integration.”

We currently employ more than 21,000 people in STEM roles around the world and, last year, launched our Women in STEM initiative to attract and retain more women in our Research & Development, Operations and Information & Digital Technology functions. We also joined WISE, an organisation that enables people in business, industry and education to increase the participation, contribution and success of women in STEM by organising knowledge sharing and networking events, training and webinars.

The Women in STEM feature is available to read at , where you can also find out about the experiences and career paths of three of our female STEM experts: