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04 July 2019

Introducing our new-look science website

Introducing our new-look science website

04 July 2019

Our dedicated science website, , has been transformed! The new-look site has been updated to showcase the science and innovation behind our potentially reduced-risk products (PRRPs).

The updated is intended for a broad audience, including public health communities, journalists, scientists, and consumers with an interest in science. It offers clear scientific information around vapour, tobacco heating and modern oral products, as well as a deep dive into scientific studies and product development.

It also features a range of videos and animations which bring to life how our products work, how they are tested and much more besides.

Among the new videos is one featuring our Scientific Research Director, Dr David O’Reilly, who talks about how science is powering innovation at BAT and plays a fundamental role in building trust in our products.

He says: “Our products go through robust scientific assessment to make sure they are as safe and satisfying as possible. We are building a strong scientific foundation behind each category and product.”

Watch David’s video above and visit the new-look bat-science website .