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01 June 2019

Celebrating Global Day of Parents

Today is the United Nations’ Global Day of Parents, a day that “provides an opportunity to appreciate all parents in all parts of the world.”

What is Parents@BAT?

Launched in January, Parents@BAT offers a minimum of 16 weeks’ fully paid leave for new mothers and adoptive parents and a return-to-work guarantee. It also includes flexible working opportunities and an online advice service offering coaching support.

Read more about it here.

At BAT, we want to ensure no-one in our company has to choose between their career and their family. That’s why we launched Parents@BAT, a new range of benefits designed to make new parents’ lives at BAT that little bit easier, wherever they are based in the world.

As part of the launch campaign for Parents@BAT, we ran a competition asking our proud parents in our UK headquarters: “What does being a parent mean to you?”

Winning entrants were given the prize of a professional family photoshoot. Here, we showcase some of those proud parents and what they had to say about parenthood:

Matt and family

“Being a parent to me means being able to transform this human being into the next superstar of tomorrow. To teach, guide and support through every new experience they see and touch. I want my daughter to not only achieve more than me but to change this world for the better. With enough love and support she can go on to achieve anything in life.”

- Matt, Product Data Steward

Anna and family

“Becoming a parent is like being given a completely new life ‘overnight’.  You learn to adapt your entire life to create a perfect shelter for this little newborn chick that you don’t yet know but for whom you feel the need to protect above everything. Being a parent makes you stronger, it makes you realise the real value and meaning of life, changes your priorities, teaches you how to adapt, be flexible, compromise, be ‘multi-tasky’. It is no longer about just you but holding it together for them.”

- Anna, Stimulant Science Manager

Thusitha and family

“To be a parent is human – to nurture and care for another living being 
To be a parent is learning – from fitting the first nappy to knowing her favourite meal
To be a parent is to love unconditionally – to be patient on her mistakes and acknowledge her tears
To be a parent is a choice – to focus on her warm breath while putting her to sleep in spite of your weariness after a hard day’s work
To be a parent is to be selfless – to love her unconditionally and prioritise your day for her
To be a parent is to be resilient – to believe she will make it even though the doctors state the impossible
To be a parent is a responsibility – to shape the world to be a better place tomorrow
To be a parent is my life’s purpose – and the best thing I’d ever do in my existence”

- Thusitha, International Brand Manager, Oral Nicotine