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05 February 2019

Assessing the reduced-risk potential of our products

Our factsheet explains the scientific approach we take to assessing the reduced-risk potential of our vapour and tobacco heating products.

With potentially reduced-risk products (PRRPs) being a relatively new category, at BAT we believe it is essential that we share our knowledge and educate others on the comparative risk profile of these products.

We use a peer-reviewed scientific assessment framework to help us assess the emissions, exposure and, ultimately health risks of our PRRPs, with the aim of determining their reduced-risk potential compared to cigarettes.

Our factsheet (see sidebar) provides a brief overview of our five-step assessment framework, showing how all our science fits together to enable us help assess the reduced-risk potential of our PRRPs.

Dr James Murphy, formerly BAT’s Head of Reduced Risk Substantiation, now Regional Product Manager, Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa, says: “The results of one study alone are important, but it’s only by combining the results of all these different studies that we can build a comprehensive set of scientific evidence and thus a clear picture of how our products compare to cigarettes.”

  • BAT’s latest Harm Reduction Focus Report, released in December, looks at the progress we have made in our ambition to transform tobacco with a range of PRRPs. You can download the report here.