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13 November 2017

We are BAT - Bangladesh

We are BAT - Bangladesh

13 November 2017

The 'We are BAT' video journey we started earlier this year continues as we take you to Bangladesh to highlight the work being done to provide a village farming community in Kushtia with better access to safe drinking water.

In the original film, we heard from one of BAT’s contracted farmers, Abdul, about the benefits of the “Probaho” clean water initiative. We now go back to the same community and hear from Zunaeed, Regional Leaf Manager for BAT Bangladesh, who highlights the effect of the initiative on the people of Kushtia.

Launched in 2009, Probaho helps to ensure 170,000 people a day in Bangladesh benefit from better access to safe drinking water, thanks to 65 new water filtration plants we have installed.

“I am very much proud to be part of BAT Bangladesh,” says Zunaeed. “Having a legacy of more than 100 years, contributing to almost 33,000 farming families, to improve their livelihood and economic development.” He adds: “We are helping the farmers to build a better and safer world.”

The Probaho project has had a huge impact on those responsible for collecting the family’s water each day who no longer have to travel long distances. Shahanaj is a resident of Kushtia and teacher at the school she attended as a child. She says: “The people in my neighbourhood are happier now.”

The Probaho initiative also features in our brand-new Focus Report on Sustainable Agriculture and Farmer Livelihoods. Download it to learn more about how we support the 350,000+ farmers we work with in 34 countries to help them thrive.

You can see our first follow-up video, focusing on two members of our Trade Marketing and Distribution team in Johannesburg, South Africa, here.