Scope of our corporate behaviour data

All data relates to the BAT Group and covers the calendar year 2018. Details of the source and scope for each of our key metrics are provided below.

Definition Scope
Standards of Business Conduct

Number of cases reported to our Speak Up channels

Number of established breaches contrary to our Standards of Business Conduct (SoBC)

% of employees who completed SoBC formal sign-offs

All BAT Group markets and employees worldwide.

Human rights

Non-agricultural suppliers assessed for human rights risks, as a % of total procurement spend, as part of our supply chain due diligence programme

Number of independent non-agricultural supplier audits conducted

All suppliers of non-agricultural direct product materials to BAT, such as filters, paper, packaging and batteries; and strategic global suppliers of indirect goods and professional services.

Marketing Principles

Number of cases of partial or non-adherence to our Marketing Principles identified through self-assessments and market audits.

All BAT Group markets.
Youth access prevention (YAP)

% of markets aligned with our YAP Guidelines, where our cigarette brands are sold

% of markets aligned with our YAP Guidelines, where our PRRPs are sold

All BAT Group markets.

In 2017, we conducted youth smoking prevention activities based on our previous guidelines. Under our previous youth smoking prevention guidelines, this excludes BAT markets that were unable to conduct activities due to political instability; because they operate solely through a distributor; or where local legislation bans YSP activities. These markets represented less than 15% of our 2017 sales volume.

The revised global YAP Guidelines, with additional requirements around provision of point-of-sale material with YAP messaging for the sales of all our different product categories (including PRRPs) came into effect as of 1 January 2018, and we report adherence to the revised Guidelines from 2018 onwards.

We report alignment with YAP Guidelines as those markets conducting activities or those markets granted an exemption from conducting these, in alignment with the Guidelines. Those markets with exemptions account for around 5% of our sales volume in 2018.