Employee diversity and opinion


Goal: Significantly increase the representation of women and focus nationalities in senior management by 2020.

Percentage of women

  2017 2018
All employees Group-wide 24% 26%
All non-management employees 20% 23%
All management employees 34% 35%
Senior management (G38+) 21% 22%
Main Board 31% 30%

Our Group-wide diversity and inclusion strategy has been in place since 2012 and, over that time, we have doubled the representation of women in senior management roles globally, from 11% to 22%. While we’re encouraged by this progress, it is not at the pace and scale we would like, and so we continue to focus on the three key pillars of our strategy – to drive ownership and accountability, build diverse talent pools and create enablers – all of which are underpinned and supported by an inclusive culture.

To find out more about our diversity and inclusion strategy, and key Group-wide initiatives, see bat.com/genderpayreport .

Focus nationalities

Percentage of focus nationalities in senior management grades1

  2016 2017 2018
  19% 20% 21%

Operating in more than 200 markets, we already have a very diverse workforce in terms of nationality. In 2017, we had 147 nationalities working in management globally, and 21% of our senior management roles were filled by people from our focus nationalities.

  1. Data excludes RAI, as we continue to align reporting systems.

Employee engagement 'Your Voice' survey

We regularly conduct global employee engagement surveys, known as ‘Your Voice’, the latest of which we ran in 2017. The survey had a response rate of 95% – 10 percentage points higher than the average for this type of survey. An 83% score was achieved in the Engagement Index, which measures employee satisfaction – 12% higher than the FMCG comparator norm of 71%. This conveys the pride which many employees have in working for us and is demonstrated by our employee turnover continuing to stay below comparator benchmarks. We plan to conduct the next Group-wide Your Voice survey in 2019.

We use feedback from our surveys, alongside other initiatives, to address areas of improvement, and provide a workplace that will enable people to develop and contribute to the Group’s success in the years ahead.

      % favourable scores Difference from benchmark
Engagement index     83 12
High performance index     81 9
Leadership and strategy     82 7
People management     79 21
Communications     77 9
Consumer focus / growth     78 10
Corporate responsibility     87 n/a
Diversity and inclusion     81 16
Reward and recognition     72 10
Sustainability / productivity     73 11
Talent development     72 12
Winning organisation     86 6
* The FMCG comparator benchmark is not available for the Corporate Responsibility category.

Read more on www.bat.com  about how our culture and values are working to encourage diversity and engagement.

Other people-related metrics

Respecting freedom of association

The Group’s Standards of Business Conduct  (SoBC) is a set of global policies, expressing the high standards of integrity we are committed to upholding. 100% of our operating companies in the Group must adopt the SoBC or its own standards reflecting the SoBC. Our Human Rights Policy, as part of our SoBC, also includes specific provisions for respecting freedom of association. Our workers have the right to be represented by local company-recognised trade unions, or other bona fide representatives. Such representatives should be able to carry out their activities within the framework of law, regulation, prevailing labour relations and practices, and agreed company procedures. In 2018, our end markets reported that 43% of our employees are covered by an independent trade union or collective bargaining agreements.

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