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08 July 2021

Building A Better Tomorrow™. Responsibly

Building A Better Tomorrow™. Responsibly

08 July 2021

BAT’s transformation journey is making us a more sustainable, responsible business, says our Chief Marketing Officer, Kingsley Wheaton.

Kingsley made the comments in conversation with our Group Head of Business Communications & Sustainability, Anna Mitchell, as they discussed our A Better Tomorrow™ journey.

In the video above, you can see Kingsley and Anna cover topics including:

  • our New Category products and reducing the health impact of our business
  • how innovation is critical to achieving our A Better Tomorrow™ ambition
  • what tobacco harm reduction means for regulation and excise
  • responsible marketing, including Youth Access Prevention

Talking about harm reduction and regulation, Kingsley said: “Governments and regulators have a huge role to play and we really want to work together. We want whole of society, multi-stakeholder solutions.”

He added: “The destination is clear. We’re building a consumer centric multi-category consumer products business of the future.”