News Release

BAT resumes sales in South Africa

19 August 2020

  • Government announces end to five-month ban on legal tobacco sales
  • BAT resumed selling in South Africa to trade partners on 17th August

The South African government has ended its near five-month ban on the sale of tobacco products. The decision was announced by the South African President on Saturday, as part of the government’s decision to move from Lockdown Level 3 to Level 2.

Luciano Comin, BAT’s Regional Director Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa said:

“We are pleased with the South African government’s decision to move from Lockdown Level 3 to Level 2 and thereby end the ban on tobacco sales. We have resumed our business in South Africa while continuing to await the outcome of our recent legal case.”

BAT’s South African subsidiary, the largest tobacco manufacturer in South Africa, started shipping tobacco products to trade partners on Monday 17th August with products becoming available for smokers to buy in-store from Tuesday 18th August.


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