Our supporting ESG priorities

A best-in-class approach

As well as our commitment to addressing the health impact of our business, we are also clear that our long-term sustainability and value creation will be driven by ensuring a best-in-class approach to managing our other ESG focus areas.

Excellence in environmental management

Good environmental management is not only the right thing to do, it makes business sense given our dependence on natural resources.

  • Climate change has long been part of our wider approach to environmental management and we’ve now elevated it to a standalone priority in recognition of the growing climate emergency;
  • Addressing our water and waste impacts has environmental benefits and delivers financial savings and efficiencies; 
  • Implementing sustainable agriculture practices with our 90,000+ contracted farmers helps to address environmental impacts and secure our tobacco leaf supply chain;
  • In response to increasing concerns regarding plastics and post-consumption waste, we’ve established circular economy as a new priority area.

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Delivering a positive social impact

As one of the world’s most international businesses, we have an important role to play in delivering a positive societal impact for our employees and people across our supply chain.

  • Human rights risks exist across our business and supply chain, particularly in tobacco growing due to the inherent challenges in agriculture.
  • By enhancing farmer livelihoods, we can help address rural poverty, which is a primary root cause for issues such as child labour and urban migration, and so help secure our supply chain; 
  • Protecting the health and safety of our people and contracted farmers enables them to thrive while also enhancing business productivity;
  • Investing in our people and creating a diverse, inclusive and engaging culture is crucial to our business success.

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Robust corporate governance

Robust corporate governance is key to our sustainable, long-term growth.

  • Applying high standards of business ethics and operating with honesty, integrity and transparency is not only the right thing to do, it is critical to the continuing success of our business;
  • Responsible marketing practices are crucial for ensuring adult only consumers use our tobacco and nicotine products and they do not appeal to youth; and 
  • Truly effective regulation needs cooperation between governments and industry, and we have a legitimate role to play in policy-related debate that affects our business.

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