Management Board Unplugged

BAT is evolving at pace and, as we continue our transformation journey, we want to share our stories to showcase our ambition to lead a different future for our industry.

Management Board Unplugged is our new podcast series, which brings together our global graduates and senior leaders. The format sees the graduates in conversation with our leaders, posing questions which generate interesting discussion around topics including culture, talent, career development and the way we run a business with an ambition for change.

The podcast series gives us the opportunity to hear from members of our Management Board in a relaxed setting as they chat with grads, offering advice and insights into our business. We also get a glimpse of the graduates, our future leaders, as they forge their path at BAT.

Below, you can watch a short video version of our latest episode, which was filmed and put together via Microsoft Teams across six locations. It’s also available on our YouTube channel .

A full-length audio podcast is available here:

Our latest episode features Marina Bellini, Director, Digital and Information and Paul Lageweg, Director, New Categories, being interviewed by Oliver Lishman, recent global graduate, now Area Campaign Development Executive in Marketing. In this episode, Marina, Paul and Oliver speak candidly about working from home and creating a new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They also discuss business-specific topics including venture capital, new category products and our purpose to create A Better Tomorrow.

By clicking below, you can also watch and listen to our previous episodes featuring David O’Reilly, Director, Scientific Research and Hae In Kim, Director, Talent and Culture; Tadeu Marroco, Finance Director, and Alan Davy, Director, Operations; and Jerry Abelman, Director, Legal and External Affairs and General Counsel, and Kingsley Wheaton, Chief Marketing Officer.

All episodes:
1. David O'Reilly and Hae In Kim
1. David O'Reilly and Hae In Kim
2. Alan Davy and Tadeu Marroco
2. Alan Davy and Tadeu Marroco
3. Jerry Abelman and Kingsley Wheaton
3. Jerry Abelman and Kingsley Wheaton
4. Marina Bellini and Paul Lageweg
4. Marina Bellini and Paul Lageweg

We hope the podcast series will also help dispel some myths around our business and industry and showcase how BAT is truly an exciting and dynamic place to work.

There will be more episodes posted in the coming weeks and months, so watch this space for more on Management Board Unplugged.

If you are interested in learning more about a career at BAT please visit our careers site .