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Our business transformation in focus on CNN

Our business transformation in focus on CNN

19 September 2019

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Kingsley Wheaton, appeared on CNN’s flagship business programme to discuss the transformation of our business and industry.

Following recent appearances on CNBC and BBC Radio 4, Kingsley visited CNN's London studio to talk to journalist Richard Quest, host of the globally-broadcast Quest Means Business.

On the show, Kingsley discussed our company's transformation, underpinned by our focus on New Category products. He also addressed recent reports from the U.S. in relation to vaping, as well as BAT’s commitment to responsible marketing and youth access prevention.

He said: "It is really important for consumers that we responsibly market these products, that we have sound regulation. We've invested nearly four billion dollars on this journey. We have 130 PhDs across our R&D superhubs, we have 50 toxicologists in Southampton ensuring only the right ingredients get to consumers."