British American Tobacco - British American Tobacco expands its New Category portfolio with the launch of three innovative new tobacco heating products

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British American Tobacco expands its New Category portfolio with the launch of three innovative new tobacco heating products

4 September 2019

  • glo™ pro is powered by brand new tobacco heating technology – induction heating – and is BAT’s most advanced tobacco heating device yet
  • glo™ nano is the slimmest design in the glo™ range to-date
  • glo™ sens is an innovative tobacco heating product (THP), powered by Taste Fusion Technology, which combines vaping technology with real tobacco, offering a new take on flavour and satisfaction

British American Tobacco (BAT) has announced the launch of new products as part of its glo™ THP range in Japan. This marks another key step in BAT's commitment to accelerating its New Category business – providing adult consumers with even greater and more satisfying choice when looking for potentially reduced-risk alternatives to cigarettes.

glo™ pro is BAT’s most advanced THP yet. Powered by brand new tobacco heating technology – induction heating – the technology has been significantly miniaturised to deliver a THP experience with better taste satisfaction and more rapid heating for quicker taste release.

glo™ nano is the slimmest device in the glo™ range and gives greater convenience for on-the-go use than ever before. The focus on enhanced design and reduction in size versus the existing glo™ product currently available ensures there is no compromise on taste satisfaction.

Yesterday’s unveiling of these two new products in Japan follows the recent launch of glo™ sens in South Korea and Japan in August. glo™ sens is an innovative THP, delivering a totally new, vibrant flavour experience for consumers who have not yet found a satisfying option among the already available alternative products to cigarettes. It operates with cutting-edge innovation called Taste Fusion Technology, which combines vaping technology with real tobacco.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, products in the glo™ range heat, rather than burn, tobacco, producing no ash*, less smell*, and an aerosol that contains significantly less toxicants than cigarette smoke**. They have been designed with the consumer in mind – with a focus on choice and customisation to appeal to varying consumer preferences.

Kingsley Wheaton, BAT’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “We firmly believe in choice – we want adult smokers to find the right alternative product for them – and it is great that over 9 million consumers have already chosen one of our potentially reduced-risk products. We are, however, committed to continued product innovation in this space to increase these numbers, encouraging as many adult smokers as possible to choose a product with reduced-risk potential instead of continuing to smoke.

“The launch of these new products is a clear sign of how technological innovation is driving fundamental change in our business and the products we are able to offer our consumers.  These products are based on cutting-edge, brand new THP technology and we are confident that they will provide our consumers with more satisfying options when looking for alternatives to cigarettes.”

glo™ pro and glo™ nano will be available in Japan from October, with glo™ sens currently available in Tokyo and South Korea. There are further expansion plans for these products in the remainder of the year and into 2020.

BAT has been clear for many years that its business needs to be built on outstanding products, informed consumer choice and a drive towards a reduced-risk portfolio. Today it has an unrivalled range of exciting and innovative products across the potentially reduced-risk product (PRRP) categories, including industry-leading products in vapour, THP, traditional oral and modern oral products. It is committed to leading the transformation of the tobacco industry with its new category products with the aim of delivering a better tomorrow for adult smokers.

*Compared to a conventional cigarette when smoked. These qualities do not necessarily mean these products are less harmful than other tobacco products.

**Comparison of smoke from an industry standard reference cigarette (approx. 9mg tar) and aerosol from glo range in terms of the 9 harmful components the World Health Organization recommends to reduce in cigarette smoke. This quality does not necessarily mean this product is less harmful than other tobacco products.


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