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Luciano Comin

Regional Director, Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa

When I joined BAT as a Management Trainee in Argentina in 1992, I was attracted by the opportunity to work for a multi-national company and being able to travel and experience different cultures. And that has certainly been the reality in the decades since, as I have been fortunate in my career to gain broad experience in a wide range of roles in a variety of locations.

Prior to being appointed Regional Director, Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa (AmSSA) in January 2019 and joining the BAT Management Board, I’d had roles including Marketing Director in Venezuela and General Manager of BAT Mexico. I was also Regional Marketing Manager for Western Europe and then, most recently, Regional Head of Marketing for AmSSA.

A Better Tomorrow™

Our vision to build A Better Tomorrow™ offers a very exciting opportunity for BAT in the New Category products sector. We are just starting out on that journey in many parts of AmSSA, although there are some countries in the region where these products are already very important. And we are working hard to ensure that we will succeed across the region, learning from our experiences in BAT’s other markets around the world.

It may sound like a bit of a cliché, but BAT is like a family and anywhere you go with the company, be it Colombia, Malaysia, Nigeria or elsewhere, the people share a common culture.

The diversity of experience I’ve had includes leading BAT businesses in countries where we have been very successful and some others where we have faced some tough challenges, such as reducing illicit trade which is a priority across the region.

This experience has definitely helped to make me a better leader because you become more flexible and learn how to adapt your leadership to the requirements of the environment that you find yourself in.

I’m a big believer in freedom through responsibility – one of BAT’s core values. It’s important to have a team around you that you trust and, while giving clear direction, you also empower people by giving them the necessary freedom and space to deliver.

Nationality: Italian/Argentinian

Career to date

  • 1992: Joins BAT in Argentina as a Management Trainee, gaining experience in sales and marketing roles
  • 1996: Moves to Cuba as Brand Manager
  • 1997: Becomes a brand manager at Souza Cruz in Brazil
  • 1999: Returns to Argentina as Group Brand Manager for International Brands
  • 2001: Moves to the Group’s UK headquarters as International Brand Manager
  • 2004: Appointed Head of Brands in Malaysia
  • 2005: Becomes Marketing Director for BAT’s business in Venezuela and then takes up the same role in Mexico in 2007
  • 2011: Appointed General Manager of BAT Mexico
  • 2014: Moves to first senior regional role as Regional Marketing Manager for Western Europe
  • 2017: Becomes Regional Head of Marketing for AmSSA
  • 2019: Appointed to the Management Board as Regional Director, AmSSA


  • Business Administration degree at Universidad Católica, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • MBA at University of CEMA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Personal interests

I love to spend time with my wife and family and even though my children are growing up we make sure we have lunch together every Sunday. Travelling is a big passion too. I love sport and my wife is an art dealer, so we spend a lot of time visiting places all over the world, finding excuses to visit art exhibitions or sports events. When time allows, I like to read, especially books on history.