Our global partnership with McLaren

A collaboration rooted in advanced technology and innovation

In February 2019, we announced that we were entering into a multi-year global partnership with McLaren.

The partnership, with one of the most famous names in Formula One motorsport, is focused on accelerating our Transforming Tobacco ambition, at the heart of which is our commitment to providing a portfolio of potentially reduced-risk products (PRRPs).

BAT and McLaren share a passion for technology, innovation and design and as part of the agreement we will work closely with McLaren Applied Technologies, collaborating and sharing technology expertise, in areas including batteries, advanced materials and design. The two companies will also share best practice, processes, innovation, know-how and mutual experience.

This collaboration is very much focused on the future, helping us to accelerate the pace at which we innovate.

A Better Tomorrow

For the duration of the partnership, BAT will have on-car and off-car presence during Formula One races. The branding will be determined by race location, at all times in line with applicable regulation, legislation and the priorities of our business. None of the activities within the partnership are in any way intended to promote our cigarette brands.

In addition, our “A Better Tomorrow” branding has been designed specifically for use as part of our agreement with McLaren and was introduced at their 2019 car launch.

Building a better tomorrowBAT has a clear ambition to transform both our business and our industry, through the provision of PRRPs to millions of adult consumers – testament to our commitment to tobacco harm reduction.  And it’s through this commitment we believe that we can deliver our consumers a “better tomorrow.”

Kingsley Wheaton, BAT’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “This partnership further enables us to accelerate the pace at which we innovate and transform ourselves. It gives us a truly global platform with which to drive greater resonance of potentially reduced-risk products. Ultimately, innovation and technology will support us in creating a ‘better tomorrow’ for our consumers worldwide.”

Zak Brown, Chief Executive of McLaren Racing, added: “We welcome BAT to the McLaren team and support their ambition of delivering meaningful and lasting change through innovation. BAT’s transformation agenda is central to this partnership and we are pleased to share our experience and expertise in helping to accelerate this.”

Watch Kingsley discuss the McLaren partnership with Sky News Business Presenter, Ian King.