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Tobacco harm reduction in focus

Read a factsheet explaining our approach and commitment to tobacco harm reduction.

07 June 2018

At BAT, our Transforming Tobacco ambition is underpinned by our commitment to tobacco harm reduction and seeking to reduce the public health impact of smoking.

Tobacco harm reduction is a public health strategy that is about minimising the negative health impact of conventional cigarettes – including by offering smokers who would not otherwise give up smoking an alternative source of nicotine with potentially lower health risks.

We’ve invested more than US$2.5 billion on our Next Generation Products to date, and our commitment to the future is larger still. 

Our factsheet provides a short summary of what tobacco harm reduction is, the role that BAT has in it, as well as giving a snapshot of what some health bodies and scientific organisations have to say on the topic.

David O’Reilly, BAT’s Group Scientific and R&D Director says: “Tobacco harm reduction is a fundamentally important part of our Group strategy. It underpins the whole of Transforming Tobacco.”