British American Tobacco - British American Tobacco launches Vype-branded flagship store and introduces the next generation of vaping: Vype Pebble

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British American Tobacco launches Vype-branded flagship store and introduces the next generation of vaping: Vype Pebble

1 December 2016

  • British American Tobacco has opened its first Vype branded store in Milan.
  • The opening has been marked by the international launch of the Vype Pebble, a unique new vaping product.
Milan Vype store

Interior of the new Vype-branded store in Milan.

British American Tobacco today announces the opening of its first ever retail outlet under its vapour brand, Vype. The Milan store opening coincides with the international launch of the small and mighty Vype “Pebble”, a truly original vaping device.

The double-fronted flagship store occupies 150 square metres and has opened in the fashionable Naviglio area of Milan. It stocks a range of Vype products and offers consumers a place to not only purchase devices and e-liquids but also learn more about the Vype range. It also features street art installations and a flavour section to explore the different Vype e-liquid flavours. 

PebbleThe Pebble range will be launching in the UK, Italy, Poland, France and Germany. It has a striking, minimalist design and is a game-changer for the world of vaping. It brings a whole new type of vaping product to market, combining a smooth vape with a powerful flavour sensation and an all-day battery charge* – all packaged in beautiful ergonomic casing which is easy to hold and incredibly intuitive to use.

Kingsley Wheaton, Managing Director for Next Generation Products, at British American Tobacco, said: “The launch of Vype Pebble and our flagship Vype store not only underlines our commitment to the Next Generation Product category, but demonstrates the successful evolution of our business.

“Our strategy is to offer consumers a range of quality nicotine products from cigarettes, to vapour, through to tobacco heating products. This means not only developing these products but also making sure consumers have access to them.

“Vype Pebble is a fantastic development in our vapour portfolio and offers something that looks very different to any vaping product currently available whilst also delivering a great vaping experience. Coupled with this, our Vype store in Milan makes sure that consumers can not only purchase our products but also learn more about them – that to me is delivering on our strategy.”

Vype Pebble is available in a range of vibrant colours (lava red, lizard green, hello yellow, electric blue and jet black) that allow consumers to make their own style statement.

The accompanying Vype Pebble e-liquids have been crafted in the Vype Flavour Lab to provide a rich and enjoyable vapour. Users can choose from four different nicotine levels, including zero nicotine, across six flavours: Golden Tobacco, Master Blend, Wild Berries, Tingling Mint, Fresh Apple and Smooth Vanilla.

Consumers can also rest assured that every element of the Vype Pebble has been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure it meets stringent quality standards – both in the Vype laboratories and in real-world scenarios.

The Vype Pebble and its accompanying Vype e-liquids also come with Vype’s quality hallmark so consumers can rest assured that the device, ingredients in the e-liquids** and vapour produced have been tested by Vype’s scientists.

The Vype Pebble device contains a 380 mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery.

In the UK, the full Pebble range will be available to purchase at a RRP of £17.99 for a starter kit and £5.99 for Vype Pebble cartridge refills and will be available to purchase on Vype's UK website:  .

*Based on typical usage.

**Vype e-liquids contain nicotine (except nicotine-free versions), water, propylene glycol and glycerol, which are all pharmaceutical grade. In addition, the flavours in Vype e-liquids are all food grade.


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