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British American Tobacco welcomes new e-cigarette specifications

16 July 2015

British American Tobacco welcomes the specifications released by the British Standards Institution (BSI)  today, which sets guidelines to achieve robust quality and safety standards in vaping products, which includes electronic cigarettes and e-liquids.

Commenting on the release of the specifications today, Donato Del Vecchio, Head of Legal and External Affairs for Next Generation Products,  at British American Tobacco said:

"We are supportive of the BSI specifications for e-cigarettes and believe that they have the potential to grow this important category by giving the appropriate assurances to consumers on product quality and safety.

"Although these specifications are voluntary, we believe that all manufacturers have an obligation to their consumers to deliver the best in product quality and safety.

"As such, we support the principles of the BSI guidelines and we are currently auditing our supply chain to work towards ensuring full compliance to these voluntary standards.

"We’ve always said that we want to see a regulatory framework for e-cigarettes that ensures consumer safety and product quality whilst allowing for the appropriate levels of innovation, marketing and distribution freedoms that we believe are required to enable this important category to grow.

"We are confident in the robust practices and procedures that we have in place around product safety and quality standards for our e-cigarette Vype. We see delivering quality products as vital in ensuring the growth of this important category."


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