Shareholder engagement

A commitment to dialogue

The Board maintains a dialogue with shareholders directed towards ensuring a mutual understanding of objectives.

The Board’s primary contact with shareholders is through the Executive Directors, but the Chairman also contacts major shareholders periodically and in advance of the Annual General Meeting each year in order to understand their views on the Company and to ensure that their views are communicated to the Board as a whole. In addition, the Senior Independent Director and the other Non-Executive Directors are available to meet with major shareholders in order to understand their views and any concerns they may have.

A full programme of engagement with identified priority investors and analysts, both in the UK and overseas, is undertaken each year by the Head of Investor Relations. He is often accompanied by one or more Executive Directors and Management Board members.

The Company makes use of webcast technology for results presentations, available to all investors from the Investors section of this website.

Information about the Company is available on this website and British American Tobacco offers all its shareholders the opportunity to register to receive shareholder communications – such as the Annual Report, Notice of Meeting and related forms of proxy – electronically via the internet.

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