Embracing diversity

Respecting and celebrating each other’s differences

To maintain a diverse workforce we need to attract and retain talented individuals from different backgrounds and make sure our culture supports them.

Few other companies are as diverse as BAT – diversity is a key element of our ethos at BAT. We have very diverse customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, and want a diverse workforce to meet their needs. In our head office alone, there are around 80 different nationalities among the hundreds of people who work there. We value this kind of diversity because it encourages innovation, creativity and different ways of thinking; it creates a fascinating place to work, with opportunities to collaborate with a wide range of people from various countries, cultures and with different perspectives.

Our Chief Executive, Jack Bowles, says: “I am passionate about ownership, accountability and delivery and empowering our leaders across the organisation to keep us moving forward. I am also a great believer in the power of diversity in BAT – by harnessing diverse perspectives and ways of thinking we are far better placed to understand and meet the preferences of adult consumers in our diverse markets.”

Read about some of the diversity initiatives that help us stand out from the rest.

Celebrating diversity at BAT Malaysia

BAT Malaysia is committed to being a place where diversity is treasured. Our video demonstrates how our colleagues there celebrate each other’s culture, language and heritage.

There are 141 nationalities represented at management level within our Group, and we are pleased with the continuous progress we are making and the sustainable pipeline we are building in terms of nationality diversity.

We are also continuing to work hard to improve gender diversity within the Group. Female representation in senior management has more than doubled since 2012, from 11% to 23% in 2019, and women represent 37% of all management roles globally.

Women represent 30% of our Main Board and 15% of our Management Board, and comprised 24% of our senior recruits and 23% of our internal promotions in 2019. We support women’s development into senior roles through a variety of initiatives, including our Women in Leadership programme and participation in the 30% Club mentoring programme. We have female executives on all our senior functional and geographical leadership teams, and 49% of our 2019 graduate intake were women, supporting the development of a sustainable pipeline of women for senior management roles.

You can view data on the proportion of women in senior management in our 2019 ESG Report (3.8 mb)

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