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Sustainability Strategy Report 2019

BAT Sustainability Strategy Report 2019

Our Sustainability Strategy Report 2019 provides details of our Sustainability Agenda, including our principal focus to reduce the health impact of our business; highlights of our approach and performance for our other ESG priorities; and how this creates shared value for our stakeholders to build our purpose for A Better Tomorrow™.

BAT Sustainability Strategy Report 2019 (3.35 mb)

ESG Report 2019

BAT ESG Report 2019

Our ESG Report 2019 provides detailed information about our policies, management approach, performance and targets for all our environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities.

We map our ESG disclosures against three leading global reporting frameworks.

ESG Report 2019 (3.7 mb)

Previous sustainability reporting

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Previous sustainability performance centre

Prior to publishing our detailed ESG report in 2019, our online performance centre featured historical data including progress against our goals, performance charts, independent assurance statement and our response to assurance.

Our historical performance centre