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Vapour products

Leading the growth of a new category

We launched our first vapour product in 2013 and today we are now the number one global vaping brand.

Under our flagship global Vuse brand, our vapour products play a major role in providing smokers with a reduced risk*† alternative to cigarettes. We will continue to invest and innovate to deliver even greater choice and satisfaction for our consumers.

As vapour products do not contain tobacco and do not involve combustion, the vapour contains substantially fewer and lower levels of the toxicants found in cigarette smoke.*†

The scientific evidence

Organisations, such as Public Health England (PHE)**, are clear that vaping is likely to be much less risky than smoking traditional cigarettes when used as a complete substitute for continued cigarette smoking. Further evidence continues to emerge globally about the role of vapour products as a reduced-risk*† alternative.

In 2022, we conducted a first-of-its-kind study of Vuse, designed to assess and provide insights into the real-world health impact of vaping. The study provides a comprehensive analysis of biomarkers and physiological measures from Vuse consumers who have been using the product for over six months with the results from smokers, former smokers and never smokers. Protocol details explaining the innovative design of the latest study were published in the Journal of Health and Environmental

The cross-sectional study design uses a single set of data readings to measure biomarkers of exposure to certain toxicants and biomarkers of potential harm relevant to smoking-related diseases. What makes the study particularly relevant is that the samples, taken at a single time point, provide a snapshot of data that reflects the ‘lived experience’ of the adults in the study; whether using Vuse, smoking or having quit smoking. The participants had been using a product they had chosen in the way they wanted. The results will provide important new insights and show us the differences between Vuse consumers, smokers, former and never smokers across a range of important biomarkers thought to be linked to the development of diseases. Results from the completed study will be published in due course.

Number one global vaping brand

Vuse maintained global vapour value share leadership in 2022 with a full year value share of 35.9% (up 250 bps vs 2021) led by the continued strong performance of Vuse Alto.

The category accelerated in 2022, led by the modern disposable segment which, with its convenient and flexible format, presents a compelling alternative to cigarettes. We also delivered industry-leading consumer acquisition in 2022, up 1.6 million to 10 million consumers.

Vuse also became the world’s first global carbon neutral vape brand in 2021.


Designed with purpose

The more popular vapour products have become, the more consumer-centric and design-led the new products need to be. Our commitment to fundamental science and precision engineering helps ensure our vaping products are designed to prevent the common problems seen in many other products – such as dry-wicking, caused by a lack of e-liquid reaching the heater, leading to overheating and an unpleasant aftertaste. In an effort to make vaping more acceptable to cigarette smokers, our scientists are constantly experimenting to try to replicate the smoking experience, but without the high levels of toxicants created by combustion. Our application of nicotine salts in Vuse vPro liquids and our continued research into optimisation of those formulations is part of a continued R&D effort to make vaping more acceptable to smokers1. Flavour is also a key driver of vapour product satisfaction. We have pioneered the use of biomimetic technology in our e-liquids to replicate aroma profiles, such as of cured tobacco leaf or naturally sourced mint, with the aim of offering our consumers an unrivalled portfolio of authentic, differentiated flavours.

Regulation and PMTA

We are fully committed to working in a regulated market. This approach is underscored by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) process.

In October 2021, Vuse Solo received the first of its kind FDA marketing authorisation for Vapour products in Original flavour. In May 2022, the FDA issued a marketing authorisation for tobacco flavoured Vuse Vibe and Ciro. This confirmed that the marketing of the authorised Vuse Solo, Vuse Vibe, and Vuse Ciro products are appropriate for the protection of the public health, the culmination of years of scientific study and research. The Vuse Alto PMTA, which was submitted nearly a year after Vuse Solo, shares the same foundational science. We are confident in the quality of our applications. We have received and are challenging the FDA's Market Denial Order dated January 2023 related to Vibe and Ciro (menthol variants) and are seeking a permanent stay2. We support efforts by the FDA to both address the increasing availability of flavoured synthetic nicotine products and enhance enforcement actions against flavoured disposable Vapour products. While synthetic nicotine disposables in the U.S. continue to grow, driven by the availability of flavours, since March 2022, these products are now under FDA regulatory control, and are required to receive PMTA authorisation to remain on the market. The Group does not have synthetic nicotine disposable in the U.S. However, where possible, we continue to innovate across our Vuse portfolio to drive increased satisfaction for consumers.

* Based on the weight of evidence and assuming a complete switch from cigarette smoking. These products are not risk free and are addictive.
† Our products as sold in the US, including Vuse, Velo, Grizzly, Kodiak, and Camel Snus, are subject to FDA regulation and no reduced-risk claims will be made as to these products without agency clearance.
1 Ebajemito JK, McEwan M, Gale N, et al. (2020). A randomised controlled single-centre open-label pharmacokinetic study to examine various approaches of nicotine delivery using electronic cigarettes. Sci Rep 2020; 10: 19980.
2 Menthol variants accounted for approximately 75% of total Vuse consumables in 2022