Our economic impact

A worldwide influence

As one of the world’s most international businesses, our economic contribution stretches from a local to a global level.

We sell brands in more than 200 markets and in 2017 we employed more than 55,000 people worldwide. Many more people are indirectly employed through our supply chain, including suppliers, contractors, distributors and retailers.

This includes over two million retailers, more than 90,000 contracted tobacco farmers, mainly in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and over 70,000 non-leaf suppliers in more than 80 countries.

Total 2017 revenues

Net sales plus revenues from financial investments and sales of assets

Economic value distributed
£9,616m Operating costs

Payments to suppliers, non-strategic investments, royalties and facilitation payments

£2,786m Employee wages and benefits

Total monetary outflows for employees (current payments, not future commitments)

£5,602m Payments to providers of capital

All financial payments made to the providers of capital

£37,400m Payments to governments

Excise and other taxes

£18.7m Community investments

Voluntary contributions and investment of funds in the broader community (includes donations)

Economic value retained

Calculated as revenues less economic value distributes (investments, equity release, etc.)

Economic impact studies

Our companies’ commission operational and economic impact assessments on an ad hoc basis to meet local business needs. The assessments undertaken in 2017, and their findings, are described in detail in the Global Reporting Initiative  section of our Sustainability performance centre.