Our company

We have a presence and a reach that are truly international

We are a leading, multi-category consumer goods company providing tobacco and nicotine products to millions of consumers around the world.

We sell our brands in more than 200 markets worldwide and in 2018 we were market leaders in more than 50 of them.

Our portfolio reflects our commitment to meeting the preferences of today’s adult smokers while transforming tobacco with a choice of potentially reduced-risk products. These include vapour, tobacco heating products, modern oral products – including tobacco-free nicotine pouches – as well as traditional oral products such as snus and moist snuff.

Our products are sold in over 200 markets with a balanced presence in high-growth emerging markets and highly profitable developed markets.

We have genuine global reach. Spread across six continents, our regions are the United States of America; Americas and Sub Saharan Africa; Europe and North Africa; and Asia-Pacific and Middle East.

We continue to perform strongly in our key markets across the globe, while our international presence means we are well placed to transform tobacco by continuing to develop and bring to market potentially reduced-risk products. .

With 55 factories in 48 countries at the end of 2018 and offices around the world, we have long played a significant role in the communities in which we operate.

For example, we have a global network of expert field technicians who provide on-the-ground support, technical assistance and capacity building for all our 90,000+ directly contracted farmers, helping them to run successful and profitable farms.

Proud of our global diversity

Our continuing success is only possible thanks to the passion and dedication of more than 55,000 talented people across the globe working in our factories and offices or out on the road, supporting farmers and retailers worldwide.

The global nature of our business is reflected in our people’s broad range of nationalities – in 2018, 147 different nationalities were represented at management level in our company.

Their diverse backgrounds and perspectives help us succeed as a company – because having an international workforce means we are better able to understand and meet the needs of consumers in all our markets.

They also help to make BAT a fascinating place to work because of the opportunity to work and collaborate with people from such a wide range of countries and cultures.

And in an international business like ours there are exciting career opportunities for people with the passion, drive and ambition to succeed in a truly global company.