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Mutual BenefitResponsible Product StewardshipGood Corporate Conduct

The principle of Good Corporate Conduct is the basis on which all our businesses should be managed. Business success brings with it an obligation for high standards of behaviour and integrity in everything we do and wherever we operate. These standards should not be compromised for the sake of results.

Core Beliefs
GCC1 We believe our businesses should uphold high standards of behaviour and integrity
GCC2 We believe that high standards of corporate social responsibility should be promoted within the tobacco industry
GCC3 We believe that universally recognised fundamental human rights should be respected
GCC4 We believe our industry should have a voice in the formation of government policies affecting it
GCC5 We believe in achieving world class standards of environmental performance

A responsible tobacco industry is in the interest of society as a whole and, as the world’s most international tobacco group, we are in a position to take the lead in defining and demonstrating what a socially responsible tobacco company should be.
We do not believe that being in the tobacco business is inconsistent with the practice of corporate social responsibility. On the contrary, it would be an odd definition of CSR that only applied to ‘popular’ businesses.

Our responsibility is to embed the principles of corporate social responsibility throughout our Group companies’ operations.

We will:

  • Keep this Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility under review to ensure that it reflects developments in the field, changes in the tobacco industry and changing expectations in society.

We should work together with our stakeholders and other interested parties to identify the requirements for a socially responsible tobacco industry.

For our part, we will:

  • Give consideration to these requirements in determining the way we run our own businesses.

We see it as the responsibility of society to evaluate the conduct of tobacco companies objectively and with an open mind.

We will contribute by:

  • Reporting at both Group level and in selected Group companies to an appropriate international social reporting standard so that society can evaluate our actions objectively.