directors report and accounts 2006 - Group balance sheet at 31 December


 Group balance sheet at 31 December

2005 Restated £m
Non-current assets  
Intangible assets7,4767,987
Property, plant and equipment2,2072,331
Investments in associates and joint ventures2,1082,193
Retirement benefit assets2935
Deferred tax assets273290
Trade and other receivables192197
Available-for-sale investments2427
Derivative financial instruments7687
Total non-current assets12,38513,147
Current assets  
Income tax receivable5981
Trade and other receivables1,5681,577
Available-for-sale investments12896
Derivative financial instruments12486
Cash and cash equivalents1,4561,790
Total current assets5,3915,904
Total assets17,77619,051
Total equity6,6886,877
Non-current liabilities  
Retirement benefit liabilities435543
Deferred tax liabilities296277
Other provisions for liabilities and charges161261
Trade and other payables146180
Derivative financial instruments2919
Total non-current liabilities6,6356,338
Current liabilities  
Income tax payable292374
Other provisions for liabilities and charges253234
Trade and other payables2,7662,883
Derivative financial instruments84143
Total current liabilities4,4535,836
Total equity and liabilities17,77619,051

This Summary Financial Statement was approved by the Board of Directors on 1 March 2007 and signed on its behalf by Jan du Plessis, Chairman.