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Sustainability Report 2011

This is the British American Tobacco p.l.c. Sustainability Report 2011. It reports on the activities of British American Tobacco companies in the UK and internationally and covers the calendar year 2011. Associate companies are excluded. References to ‘British American Tobacco’, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ when denoting opinion refer to British American Tobacco p.l.c. (the Company) and when denoting tobacco business activity refer to Group operating companies, collectively or individually as the case may be.

Statements and assurance

This Report contains forward-looking statements that are subject to risk factors associated with, among other things, the economic and business circumstances occurring from time to time in the countries in which the Group operates. It is believed that the expectations reflected in these statements are reasonable, but they may be affected by a wide range of variables which could cause actual results to differ materially from those currently anticipated. Ernst & Young LLP has been engaged by British American Tobacco to provide external assurance of this Report. Ernst & Young LLP reviewed all commitments and statements of progress, data, GRI information, text and, specifically, performance-related information for the period 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2011.

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