british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2011 - Brazil

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Sustainability Report 2011

Viewpoint from the company President

Over the years we have built what many see as a leading approach to sustainable agriculture.Andrea Martini, President of Souza Cruz

At Souza Cruz, we are proud to be not only one of the largest companies in the British American Tobacco Group, but also one of the largest in Brazil, with a history going back more than 100 years.

Sustainability is a really important part of our strategy and it’s something we’ve received external recognition for. In 2011, many organisations in southern Brazil took part in Brazil’s Sustainable Management Survey1 and we were one of only 11 to get a Certificate of Management Excellence. What I’m really proud of is that you can’t get these certificates by being strong in one area – you have to score well across all aspects of sustainable management.

I want to focus on a couple of areas here though: sustainable agriculture and working with our retailers.

Over the years, we’ve built what many see as a leading approach to sustainable agriculture. We offer agronomy support for approximately 30,000 farmers with whom we work, projects to tackle child labour, research into the tobacco plant and more. The focus of our work – and this is really important to me – isn’t just tobacco. It covers all areas of agricultural practices, which means that other crops benefit too. So our contracted farmers get better food crops and become more self-sufficient. What’s more, we share what we’ve learned with others in Brazil and across the Group.

The relationships we have with our retail partners are equally strong. If tobacco products are being sold irresponsibly, it gives us a bad name. So we work closely with them on issues like youth smoking prevention. We’re also sponsoring the Responsible Retailing Development Centre, which is doing great work to help improve standards of conduct across retail management.

With programmes like this, we’re giving Souza Cruz a really strong foundation to build upon in the future. I can see us achieving our long-term goals, delivering business success and continuing to contribute to society and the environment.

Andrea Martini, President of Souza Cruz

Performance highlights in 2011:

Met or exceeded Group targets for:
  • Energy and water use
  • Waste sent to landfill and recycling
  • Succession coverage in the short term and the 70:30 ratio of local to expatriate senior managers at business unit level

1 The Sustainable Management Survey is conducted by the Editora Expressão Publisher and Aequo Solutions for Sustainability and is based on indicators adopted by the Ethos Institute.


  • Founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1903 and part of the Group since 1914
  • One of the largest companies in Brazil and listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange
  • Market share of 61%
  • Over 7,000 employees
  • 193,900 tonnes of tobacco leaf purchased in 2011
  • Over 70.9 billion cigarettes sold every year
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