british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2011 - Materiality review

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Sustainability Report 2011

Geographical coverage of sustainability data reporting

In 2011, we reviewed which of our markets should report information through our annual Sustainability Survey. This gathers data on areas such as corporate social investment, youth smoking prevention and stakeholder engagement. Much of the non-environmental data in our Sustainability Report and on Opens in new window is derived from this survey.

Each company was assessed for its ability to complete the survey. Some of our companies are very small, with limited sustainability impact and few resources available for gathering the data requested in the survey. We also brought the criteria for which companies are expected to complete the Sustainability Survey more in line with those for other Group data collection processes.

This resulted in reducing the number of our markets reporting via the Sustainability Survey from 156 to 86. These 86 markets represent 93.3 per cent of our sales volumes, with the 70 markets removed representing only 5.6 per cent. With over 90 per cent of our sales volume represented, we believe this reduced list still provides a good overview of our global operations.

All Group companies, including those no longer covered by the Sustainability Survey, continue to complete our internal audit checklist as part of our governance processes.

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