british american tobacco p.l.c. sustainability report 2011 - High performance leadership and organisational productivity

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Sustainability Report 2011

A more focused approach to performance management

In 2011, we set out to simplify our performance management system in response to feedback from many employees. The aim was to better support employees’ regular performance reviews, helping them track their performance against individual goals and their contribution to the Group’s values and ambitions.

High performance leadership and organisational productivityThe revised system is being used throughout the Group from January 2012. It is simpler to use and encourages employees and managers to think about performance management throughout the year, not only at the start and end of the annual cycle. Using a streamlined and more logical approach to objective setting and assessment, it will help differentiate more clearly between those who are falling short, those who are meeting their goals and those whose performance is genuinely outstanding.

We have also focused on strengthening our use of constructive feedback, the quality of development materials and making opportunities available to all our people.

An organisation that’s fit for purpose

Reviews of our human resources practices in 2011 showed that the service to the business is often fragmented. This has resulted in a duplication of effort and lack of consistency across our global operations. For example, we have a large number of suppliers providing HR services around the world and, collectively, our Group companies spend a great deal of money with these suppliers. Clear opportunities exist to create strategic relationships with a smaller number of suppliers to improve quality and consistency and to take advantage of economies of scale.

We are working actively to streamline our practices and eliminate duplication, while putting greater focus on the quality of services we deliver. Progressively this will be enabled by technology, providing data to track improvements and providing information to enable better management of our people and productivity.

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